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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Internet is not always exceptional. I work a full-time remote job. We brought a Google Fi Mesh system in our luggage and it’s made all the difference. We’ve only had internet issues one day when they were digging up a bunch of wires across the street. With help from someone from the office and advanced planning (because it was a priority), our internet was set up within a day, but it can be longer. - May 2024

Yes, can be installed within a week of arrival (Claro). - Aug 2023

Internet is good. Everyone uses Claro due to limitations of companies like ETB for expats. - Feb 2021

Yes. Installed within one week. - Jul 2020

Yes, I got mine installed in less than a week. I primarily stream television. - Feb 2020

High-speed Internet access is available. Depending on your apartment building, you may not have a choice of company. We have a large apartment and thick walls and had to have two lines installed to have decent speed in both the front and back of the apartment, and it is still glitchy from time to time. Customer service for the internet providers is not great. Some people manage to get it installed before the arrive, but for most people it can be done within a week or two. - Nov 2018

High-speed internet is available and it's cheap. The amount of time it takes varies as the rules around what paperwork you need seems to change. I think it took about a month for us, but recently a family we sponsored had it setup in about a week. We use Claro and have three phone plans with data, internet, cable and a landline and pay about US$140-150 a month in total. - Sep 2018

Yes. Ours was installed within a week or so, but many people have frustrating experiences with Claro and require repeat visits. - Aug 2018

We have 100 mb cable and tv for $100 per month. Installation takes two weeks or less. The best ISP, ETB, no longer provides service to diplomats. - May 2018

yes, about US$50/month - Apr 2016

We pay about US$80/month for our cable/TV/telephone package. - Aug 2015

Yes. The cost seems reasonable, but service is not great. You may or may not get your internet and cell phone bills. - Aug 2014

Yes. A triple-play package is available for U.S. prices. There are many options for internet speed. - Jun 2014

Yes, at about $80/month. - May 2013

Yes, for approximately $50 a month. - Oct 2012

We have high-speed internet and it's the best we've ever had overseas. In two years, it's been down less than 5 times and has always come back up quickly. We pay by the year but I think it works out to about $70 per month. - Jul 2012

Same company as the TV, so you can expect inconsistency in everything but the billing (about $80-$100/mo with TV cable). Sometimes the Internet works, sometimes it doesn't. You'll get the advertised speeds only between about 3 and 5 a.m. At all other times, their infrastructure is, by their own admission, insufficient to support their customer base. - Apr 2012

Yes. I pay almost $100/month for the combination of cable and wireless internet. - Dec 2011

Yes. - Sep 2010

Yes. TelMex is about 40 USD per month. - Aug 2010

Yes, we pay about $50/mo through Telmex. - Aug 2010

For just high speed internet you'll pay about $40-$50 a month. - Aug 2010

The same as in the States. - Jun 2010

Yes, it is around $50 per month for internet and cable TV packaged together. - Jan 2010

Yes. - Sep 2009

Yes, at about the same rate as in the U.S. It goes down on a somewhat regular basis though, and customer service is definitely foreign to Colombia. Expect a run-around and lack of service for 2-4 days when this happens. - Dec 2008

It's available and has been reliable -- TELMEX costs about US$75 per month - Dec 2008

Yes, but it brakes often. - Nov 2008

Yes, US$30/month. - Nov 2008

Yes great wireless internet. . .of course, the apartments are so large you can't get coverage all over the house unless you're a techie and can rig it yourself. - May 2008

TVCable Internet and Digital TV package (with many movie channels in English) costs about US$100 a month. The service was excellent. - Apr 2008

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