Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

Are qualified veterinarians and/or good kennel services available? Do animals need to be quarantined upon entry to the country? Are there other considerations regarding pets that are particular to this country?

Bogota is extremely pet-friendly especially for dogs. Groomers, vets, dog walkers, pet daycares, etc. ... all kinds of services are available. I cannot speak to entry/exit restrictions specifically, but many people at the mission brought pets from abroad. - Aug 2023

Bogotanos love their dogs. Good veterinarians (that make house calls!) Dog trainers and dog walkers are all plentiful here. I have cats - but many friends have dogs and the care is inexpensive here. - Feb 2021

Yes. I have two wonderful vets who makes house calls. One does acupuncture for my elderly dog. No quarantine, but if they come via a pet shipper, the process to get them released is LONG! This is a very dog-friendly city. It's easy to get a dog walker or trainer. Some dogs go to day camps with pick up and drop off at home. Bring your dog to public places. Dogs here are generally well-behaved. - Feb 2020

Veterinarians, kennel services, and dog training are all available. You'll see all breeds of dogs in Bogota, even dogs that seem way too big for apartment life. There are dog buses that go around in the morning and pick up dogs for that day at doggy care, and you'll often see dog walkers with 10 or more dogs. - Nov 2018

PET HEAVEN. Vets are plentiful and good and will even come to your home. Most dogs seem to go to doggy day camps. Our dogs just goes away when we're out of town and we pay COP $25k/night - a little over $8. You'll also see dog walkers all over, taking dogs out for morning and afternoon walks. No quarantine. There are pets stores all over and specialty shops selling pet baked goods and ice creams. - Sep 2018

No, pet care is widely available at a very decent price. Many vets make house visits. Pet food is very expensive if purchased locally. - Apr 2016

There is no quarantine. Good vets will come to your house for whatever your pets need and the care is quite good. - Aug 2014

No. Pet care is amazing. This is the most pet friendly place I've ever lived. We have our dog picked up in the morning and driven out to a farm to play for the day. There are many excellent boarding options along with dog walking and training for puppies. You can bring your dog to some restaurants if they have an outdoor patio or eating area. We loved bringing our dog to the Irish pub. They would bring him a bowl of water and let him sit on the bench with us. There are also some doggie bakeries for treats. Many grooming places (mobile and shops) and lots of stores to buy clothes for smaller dogs. - Jun 2014

No. - May 2013

No. - Oct 2012

No. - Jul 2012

No. - Apr 2012

I don't know. - Dec 2011

No. - Sep 2010

No. - Aug 2010

Don't know, but don't think so. - Aug 2010

I don't think so, but we got our animals here. - Aug 2010

No. - Jun 2010

No. - Sep 2009

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