Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Ship bourbon or non-South American wine you want (hard to find or very expensive at post). Baby items (toys, clothes like Carters, etc.) are also very expensive at post. Ship hard-to-find spices you want for cooking. You can also DPO plenty of items (Aunt Annie’s Mac and Cheese, Cheerios, kids veggie pouches without andded sugars, etc.). - May 2024

Spices like sumac, za'atar, etc. - Aug 2023

I buy a lot of Keto food items and American candy when I am back in the States as they can be hard to find here. - Feb 2021

Spices, salsa. - Jul 2020

Fragrance free laundry detergent and fabric softener. - Feb 2020

None. The only household or grocery items that I order are items that we are brand-specific too (and could live with out). - Nov 2018

I can't think of anything that I've craved that I couldn't find. - Sep 2018

We did ship several cases of black beans and garbanzo beans because we heard they were hard to find here, and we are glad we did! We also shipped a lot of other food things like spices, almond milk, salsa, and peanut butter. You can find all of those here but they are more expensive and we had the weight allowance to do it. We don't drink much, but many people complain about how expensive alcohol can be. - Aug 2018

Baking supplies, spices, wine, clothing for big/tall, electronics - May 2018

Now that PriceSmart is here, my list has greatly decreased. I'd say canned beans if you eat them would be my top priority because they can't be shipped through DPO. They are available locally, just at a premium. Canned tomatoes are pretty expensive as well. - Apr 2016

The household goods that are expensive here --- but if you need them they are available, or you can order them via DPO. - Aug 2015

Wine (available but expensive). Bikes for ciclovia. - Jun 2014

Toilet paper (actually all paper products), peanut butter, wine (it's expensive here), baking goods (chocolate chips, nuts - very expensive here, baking soda). Maybe an ice-cream maker (local ice cream very expensive). Most things are available here or through Amazon/Net grocer. The recent US-Colombia trade agreement is resulting in a new wave of US products showing up on grocery shelves. - May 2013

Canned tomatoes; olive oils; non-white vinegars; toilet paper; detergent; nuts; dried fruits; pasta sauce; maple syrup. - Oct 2012

Nothing that I don't ship to any post we've ever been - peanut butter (although you can buy that locally at a price), paper products, Reynolds Wrap, kids' birthday presents for last-minute party invitations, etc. - Jul 2012

Peanut butter and a fake smile. - Apr 2012

Speciality stuff. - Dec 2011

You can get everything here, but clothes are very expensive. So maybe I'd stock up before coming. - Jul 2011

A small and old car, umbrellas, toys, raincoats. - Nov 2010

Games, toys for the children. - Sep 2010

Mountain bike. More books. Better and warmer bedding, more decorative items for the house. Local artesania is shoddy. - Aug 2010

Spices, olive oil, warm blankets, more kids' toys and supplies -- crayons, paper, etc. - Aug 2010

More canned beans, laundry detergent, pasta sauce, TP, peanut butter, special seasonings, baby supplies (baby clothes and supplies are much more expensive here and are not of good quality). - Aug 2010

You can find pretty much everything here. It may be more expensive, but they have almost everything. - Jun 2010

I always buy clothes and shoes in the US because Latin women have different styles, and clothing is MUCH more expensive for half the quality. Things like pine nuts, worchestershire sauce - while you can get them there sometimes are lots more expensive. - Jan 2010

Natural peanut butter. - Sep 2009

Peanut butter, olive oil, spices (Colombians are culinary-challenged), spaghetti sauce. - Dec 2008

Spices, cereals, peanut butter and jelly and other basic U.S. items that are so expensive here. - Dec 2008

Exercise equipment, bicycle for the Ciklovia, very nice idea but you are riding your bicycle next to a polluting bus! So what is the point? - Nov 2008

Workout equipment; sporting equipment. - Nov 2008

Hmmm so much! Diapers, any baby items, clothes, formula, toys. TOYS, TOYS, TOYS! The toys are ridiculously overpriced. Those tiny little hot wheel cars are almost US$4, Barbies are almost US$50. Nintendo DS games are close to US$90. All toys are insane. We went to the dollar store and purchased all the toys for birthday parties etc. I would bring all your favorite seasonings. But remember, there's always for most things. - May 2008

Baking goods - brown sugar, powdered sugar, etc. - Apr 2008

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