Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Diplomatic mail or DHL. also delivers to Colombia. - Aug 2023

We send mail through the Embassy DPO, but I hear of non embassy expat folks getting Amazon through Colombia mail. - Feb 2021

Diplomatic pouch. - Jul 2020

DPO. Colombia does not have a postal system. - Feb 2020

DPO comes very quickly. Local postal facilities are not adequate. - Nov 2018

We have DPO and pouch through the embassy. - Sep 2018

DPO through the embassy. - Aug 2018

DPO. There is no national mail system in Colombia. Locals use DHL - May 2018

DPO - Apr 2016

DPO. - Aug 2015

Through the embassy. The mail system is good. - Aug 2014

DPO/Pouch through the Embassy. FedEx and DHL are all over. - Jun 2014

DPO. - May 2013

Dip bag. - Oct 2012

DPO. - Jul 2012

DPO. - Apr 2012

I used the Embassy DPO. - Dec 2011

I was able to use APO at the embassy. - Jul 2011

APO and pouch - Nov 2010

APO or DPO. Larger items come in the pouch. - Aug 2010

DPO - Aug 2010

The embassy has DPO and pouch. The Colombian mail system is slow and unreliable. - Aug 2010

APO and FedEx. - Jun 2010

DHL. And do not have anyone send you anything but paper mail - even a hand-made gift will be subject to expensive customs fees. - Jan 2010

APO or pouch. - Sep 2009

DHL; but we get everything thru the APO and pouch. - Dec 2008

We have an APO here. - Nov 2008

APO. - Nov 2008

We have APO (APO AA) and Fed Ex. - May 2008

There is APO for American Embassy employees. International Mail can be sent via FedEx. - Apr 2008


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