Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

We receive DPO, pouch, or via Amazon even packages to our local physical address (just click “free international shipping” and you have to spend $35 or more but it will be delivered to your physical apartment. All options have been excellent. As expected, sometimes pouch can take a while especially over the holidays. - May 2024

Diplomatic mail or DHL. also delivers to Colombia. - Aug 2023

We send mail through the Embassy DPO, but I hear of non embassy expat folks getting Amazon through Colombia mail. - Feb 2021

Diplomatic pouch. - Jul 2020

DPO. Colombia does not have a postal system. - Feb 2020

DPO comes very quickly. Local postal facilities are not adequate. - Nov 2018

We have DPO and pouch through the embassy. - Sep 2018

DPO through the embassy. - Aug 2018

DPO. There is no national mail system in Colombia. Locals use DHL - May 2018

DPO - Apr 2016

DPO. - Aug 2015

Through the embassy. The mail system is good. - Aug 2014

DPO/Pouch through the Embassy. FedEx and DHL are all over. - Jun 2014

DPO. - May 2013

Dip bag. - Oct 2012

DPO. - Jul 2012

DPO. - Apr 2012

I used the Embassy DPO. - Dec 2011

I was able to use APO at the embassy. - Jul 2011

APO and pouch - Nov 2010

APO or DPO. Larger items come in the pouch. - Aug 2010

DPO - Aug 2010

The embassy has DPO and pouch. The Colombian mail system is slow and unreliable. - Aug 2010

APO and FedEx. - Jun 2010

DHL. And do not have anyone send you anything but paper mail - even a hand-made gift will be subject to expensive customs fees. - Jan 2010

APO or pouch. - Sep 2009

DHL; but we get everything thru the APO and pouch. - Dec 2008

We have an APO here. - Nov 2008

APO. - Nov 2008

We have APO (APO AA) and Fed Ex. - May 2008

There is APO for American Embassy employees. International Mail can be sent via FedEx. - Apr 2008

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