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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

All kinds! Many buildings have gyms (ours does not), but the embassy has one, and there are also many local options near where you live. Our local gym when we arrived cost for one year approximately what we paid for one month of membership for Equinox gym in DC. There are also lots of kiddo gym options, country clubs, etc. Our three-year-old loves her gymnastics and swimming classes, but plenty of others enjoy other options (horseback riding outside the city, soccer, theatre, etc.) with older kiddos especially. - May 2024

Gyms are widely available especially large chains like BodyTech. Ciclovia on weekends sees the closure of kilomtres and kilometres of roads to make space for bicycles and rollerblades. There are also facilities to play soccer/football, tennis, boxing, dance classes, etc. Private/one-on-one classes are common, and can be found on the website TusClases. Most instructors speak Spanish only. - Aug 2023

Bogotanos love to work out. There are lots of gyms available- Body tech is the big chain here. The public parks have lots of exercise areas and you see people working out outdoors a lot (especially since COVID). - Feb 2021

Abundant facilities at accessible prices. Bodytech is the best gym chain albeit gymgoers there can be snooty. - Jul 2020

Lot's of gyms. Body tech seems to have locations all over town including on the Embassy compound. Some folks have personal trainers at home. - Feb 2020

Gyms are widely available including one in the embassy. There are Crossfit studios, pilates, yoga, weightlifting, boxing, all kinds of specialized gyms. Many people have personal trainers. Some families belong to country clubs with pools, golf, and other sports. Biking is very common. - Nov 2018

There are Bodytechs around, including one at the embassy. I don't know about the cost. I see MANY people working with personal trainers in the parks. A friend was working out with one and I believe he charged her about COP $45k-50k/hr. - Sep 2018

Lots of stuff available. In our neighborhood alone we have a regular gym, spinning (cycling) classes, boxing, yoga (multiple), and even Barre. - Aug 2018

Many gyms are found throughout the city, including CrossFit. Memberships can be higher or equal to US prices - May 2018

Body Tech is widely available, however, it is pretty expensive in my opinion (over US$100/month). Crossfit gyms are popping up in many neighborhoods. There are several other-slightly more affordable gyms as well. The Embassy has a Body Tech gym on the compound, you can choose to be a member of that gym only and not have access to the other Body Tech gyms for a reasonable price. - Apr 2016

There is a gym at the embassy and a chain called Bodytech, which also has gyms in our neighborhoods. The embassy Bodytech is subsidized and cheap, but the Bodytech chains outside the embassy can be extremely overpriced and have terrible customer service. - Aug 2015

There is a nice gym at the Embassy and some around the city. - Aug 2014

There are many gyms. Cost varies dramatically from your local mom and pop gym to BodyTech at the highest end. Pool use is very expensive are hard to find. Personal trainers are reasonable. Crossfit is becoming popular and boxes are opening througout the city. - Jun 2014

Yes, all over the place, but they are quite expensive. Bogotanos are VERY fitness-conscious, and you can see them exercising indoors and out all over the city. - May 2013

They are readily available and at varying costs. Chains like Bodytech are very expensive. - Oct 2012

There are gyms everywhere, plus the city is famous for its "ciclovia" on Sundays and holidays. The embassy also has a gym. - Jul 2012

Again, imagine New York City but with much more expensive memberships. - Apr 2012

The Embassy has a Body Tech and there's are lots of other Body Techs around town--so that's the gym most Embassy folks use. Many of the residential buildings also have small gyms with at least a few treadmills. - Dec 2011

Yes -- all over the city. They can be expensive, but they are plentiful. - Jul 2011

There is one at the U.S. Embassy. You pay about 50 USD per month. But with the expensive life here, sometimes it is difficult to pay even that. - Nov 2010

Plenty of gyms, and now there is one at the embassy. - Sep 2010

Yes. The embassy has a franchise of the local gym onsite as of July, 2010. - Aug 2010

Yes, but they're expensive, even by US standards. - Aug 2010

Lots of gyms and work-out facilities. And a brand-new facility (Body Tech) just opened up at the US Embassy. - Aug 2010

Yes, even in the embassy there is a really good gym. There are all kinds of gyms around, but they are expensive. - Jun 2010

Readily available all over the city. - Jan 2010

Yes, many, including yoga and pilates studios. - Sep 2009

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