Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

About 18 degrees Celsius year-round in daytime, 10 degrees at night. It is similar to fall weather; expect to wear a light jacket all year. It rains a lot, also. - Aug 2023

Medellin is called the city of eternal Spring then Bogotá should be called the city of eternal fall. It can be rainy a lot of the year- but the sun can be intense when it come out due to the high elevation. Luckily it’s easy to escape to warmer temperatures. - Feb 2021

Temps between 40-70 degrees. It gets cold at night. - Jul 2020

The temps are in the 60's during the day and 40's overnight. No snow. It rains frequently and is often cloudy. - Feb 2020

Overall cold and chilly. Daily highs in the 60s, daily lows around 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. It rains almost every day, although not all day. Driest months are January and June, with heavy rain in spring and fall. There are frequent landslides and flooding, although mostly outside of Bogota. When it is sunny, the sun is intense and you can get burned quickly. No seasons. I love the weather but once in a while want to be warm, so we go to the coast. - Nov 2018

Fall or spring, all in one day. Wear layers. I'll put a coat on at night to walk the dog. It doesn't change much, but it's pretty mild all year long. Never actually hot and never really cold. - Sep 2018

It's about 55 degrees all year round. Dry season is December through February and then June through August. Wet season is the other months. It's a very comfortable temperature; the kind you never really think about. - Aug 2018

Very mild climate, 60s year round. Rainy like Seattle and London, but lots of greenery here. Due to climate change, it is becoming more rainy here. Often there are periods when it rains every day. The line between dry and wet seasons is becoming more blurred. - May 2018

60's-70's F most of the year. Periods of rain, but not all day everyday. - Apr 2016

Forget the luxury of seasons, but it is ideal for someone from the Northwest. The weather is "partly cloudy with a chance of rain"...every day. That said, the temperature stays cool in the 60s to low 70s. Never too hot, never too cold. - Aug 2015

Bogota weather changes frequently but averages the same temperatures year round. It can be slightly chilly with light rain most days. December and January are usually the nicest time of the year with more sun and warmer weather. Bogota is at altitude and takes some getting used to if you are a biker or runner. Two hours away from Bogota is a much warmer climate at lower altitude. - Jun 2014

This is probably the biggest negative. Bogota is always rainy and cool - much like Seattle. The rain can come quickly and hard --- even with an umbrella you can be soaked in minutes. And it's cold, so you feel worse. Another poster said in his review, "Did I mention the rain" - several times. This has become our mantra as we always seem to be dealing with it. Granted, there are intermittent sunny days - but you can go 2-3 weeks at stretch where it is gray and rainy every day. Also there is no central heating (you are dependent on small heaters), so the apartments often are cold and damp. - May 2013

3 weeks of sun and then 3 months of rain. Lather, rinse, repeat. Bogota is relatively crisp with the average temp of 14C. Jackets are necessary for the evenings. And a lack of central heating makes you often feel chilled. - Oct 2012

Nights in the 50s and on the very best day, highs in the mid-80s. A more typical day is mid-60s. When the sun shines here, there is no more beautiful place to be than Bogota, but for the two years we've lived here, the weather patterns have been off, with more rain than normal. - Jul 2012

63 degrees most of the time. Cloudy and rainy most of the year, but you do get a few months of excellent, sunny weather. - Apr 2012

In Bogota, the temperatures range from the 50s to low 70s F.In other words, it feels like fall most of the time. You do get a few nice months with lots of sunshine. But even then, it's rarely warm enough for a sundress. In Nov/Dec, the rains fall most days and it can be pretty overcast at other times throughout the year. Houses/apts don't generally have central heating, so it can be chilly inside and out when the sun goes down. Don't come without a fleece jacket or something of similar weight. Especially in the evenings, I also wear a scarf most of the time. - Dec 2011

Rainy, and cold(ish). It's Fall all year long in Bogota. Just outside (a 2-hour car drive) it is tropical! - Jul 2011

rain, rain, rain, all day long ... all year - Nov 2010

Rain, rain, and oh, did I mention: rain. The days the sun is out it are usually beautiful. It is never hotter than the 80's, but can get quite chilly and windy. - Sep 2010

Weather is cool and overcast with highs never above about 80F on the sunniest days. Lows at night get into the high 40s. Rain, rain, rain! It gets dreary and monotonous a lot. Because we are close to the equator, the sun goes down at about 6 PM each evening, and it is not possible to do things like go to the park after work. - Aug 2010

Very much like Seattle's. A lot of rain, but it never gets too hot or too cold. Some people insist there's a rainy season, but I don't see any pattern at all to it. - Aug 2010

Perpetual spring. The temperatures average about 40-70F year round. Rainy seasons can have an overwhelming amount of rain, just learn to plan your schedule around the weather and you'll be fine. - Aug 2010

Very rainy. You can have sunny days from November to February, but from March to July it rains every day, and all day long. From August to November it can rain at any moment. Even if you see a sunny day, you have to take your umbrella and raincoat with you, because the weather changes in minutes from sun to rain. - Jun 2010

It is almost always overcast, with the sun breaking through at times. Never cold, never hot. No indoor heating means it can be cold indoors at times though. - Jan 2010

Probably like Seattle or San Francisco. Every day is overcast for at least part of the day, and it never gets very warm (or very cold). - Sep 2009

Bogota is like a combination of Seattle and San Francisco, but with more altitude than Denver. Lots of rain and temps averaging between 55-65F. Brief daily periods (1-2 hours) and nice months (generally Aug and Dec) are overshadowed by the dominant dreary cloud and rain pattern. - Dec 2008

Rainy, rainy, cloudy, and a little sun every day. - Dec 2008

The same all year round, rain, clouds, rain, clouds sometimes you will see some sun so run out side and soak it up because it will be gone very soon. You forget that there are other weather patterns out there! - Nov 2008

Rains briefly many (most) days, but always spring-like in temperature. - Nov 2008

Always, always, always partly cloudy with a chance of rain! - May 2008

It rains a lot, but the weather is great because it rarely goes below 50 or over 75 degrees F. - Apr 2008

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