Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

It's known for emeralds, excellent quality coffee beans, some artisanal artwork, unique interior design pieces. - Aug 2023

I have not found anything amazing here yet. Usaquen Sunday market is pretty cool for handicrafts. - Feb 2021

Woven handbags are a standout. - Jul 2020

In November/December there is a huge craft show at the convention center with artisans from all over the country and some other countries too. It's not to be missed. Hand made baskets, natural fiber rugs, pottery.... - Feb 2020

Not really, although there's an annual artisan fair in December that has a lot of great products, and many people get furniture made here. - Nov 2018

You can find many handicrafts and artwork around Bogotá. There's a great art expo in December. - Sep 2018

You can get beautiful handmade things here, e.g., furniture, leather goods (shoes/bags, etc), handmade woven bags or things for the home, etc. Lots of local artists: the market in Usaquen is a good place to find things. - Aug 2018

Yes, lots of artwork, furniture and handicrafts are available. - May 2018

Emeralds, mochillas, leather products. Custom made furniture, shoes, and jackets. - Apr 2016

You can find good arts and crafts that are uniquely Colombian. - Aug 2015

Emeralds. Purses. There is an artisan fair every December at Corferias which is amazing. - Jun 2014

Flowers, leather goods, glassware, grilled meats, pottery, furniture, and custom-made boots! - May 2013

Cow hides and leather - Oct 2012

We haven't bought much. Our biggest splurges here have been on in-country travel. - Jul 2012

Lots of personal services. - Apr 2012

I've found a few unique little things, but nothing to write home about. - Dec 2011

Artwork, furniture (rustic), molas, mochillas and more! - Jul 2011

Emeralds (if youhave money) and cofee. - Nov 2010


Great handicrafts, textiles, etc. - especially at the yearly craft fair at Corferias in December. Also trips around Colombia; air tickets are expensive within the country. - Aug 2010

Local handicrafts. - Aug 2010

Emeralds, coffee, flowers and furniture. - Jun 2010

Good crafts - though not as diverse as in Peru thanks to the armed conflict. Very nice picture frames of good wood, sold in the market in Usaquen. Furniture. - Jan 2010

Art from Ecuador and Peru (or the border region). - Dec 2008

Emeralds, leather goods, art, coffee. - Nov 2008

Leather, emeralds. - Nov 2008

HA! For a person who has never lived overseas, especially in Asia, maybe they'd go nuts buying wood items, bedroom suites etc but if you've been anywhere else in the world, nothing here you have to have. - May 2008

Wooden furniture, Coffee and leather boots. Colombia is famous for its beautiful emeralds but they are very expensive. - Apr 2008


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