Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

Right now, yes... if the peso gets stronger again the cost of living is similar to the US. - Apr 2016

Yes, when the exchange rate is good. - Aug 2015

If you don't go out to eat at the many nice restaurants all the time. - Jun 2014

Yes, but it's not super cheap here. - May 2013

A little, but you're not going to get rich. - Oct 2012

We've saved a little. - Jul 2012

Not a chance. - Apr 2012

No. - Dec 2011

Yes, but not tons. - Jul 2011

Not at all. Actually, people with more than one kid in preschool can have problems with their budget. - Nov 2010

no. - Sep 2010

No. - Aug 2010

Nope - Aug 2010

If you want to, but you'll have to make it a priority, as there are lots of great things to spend money on. - Aug 2010

Not with 2 toddlers at preschool. We've been using some of our savings. - Jun 2010

No way. - Jan 2010

No. - Sep 2009

Not really. - Dec 2008

Definitely NOT. In fact, you may even eat into your savings if you are on a government salary. - Dec 2008

No way! Unless you sacrifice a lot, but then you will be miserable and depressed. - Nov 2008

Yes. - Nov 2008

Not right now. . .it's expensive here! Well maybe a little bit if you're not paying rent :) - May 2008

Yes, if you don't travel to Cartagena or other beach towns all the time. - Apr 2008


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