Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

shorts and summer clothes. - Aug 2023

Nothing! - Feb 2021

Curiosity for the outside world. Creativity. Optimism for making friends organically. - Jul 2020

Shorts and sandals, cake pans (I have found it impossible to bake at 8600 feet). - Nov 2018

Preconceived notions of Narco Colombia. - Sep 2018

Impatience. Everything takes way longer than you expect it will. - Aug 2018

Your expectation for good costumer service...anywhere. - Apr 2016

Nothing. Bogota is comfortable, and if you want a beach or tropical climate, it's nearby via short flight or drive. - Aug 2015

Baking equipment - altitude is difficult for most bakers. - Jun 2014

shorts, craft beer, and steak. - May 2013

Flip-flops for living in Bogota (but do bring them for your trips to the coast!). - Jul 2012

Sincerity. - Apr 2012

Summer clothes (unless you plan to travel to the beach/coast). - Dec 2011

winter jacket - Jul 2011

summer clothes and winter clothes, there are no seasons here, it is raining all year. - Nov 2010

Your romantic ideas of touring the country, because with the security concerns, it just isn't going to happen. - Sep 2010

car. - Aug 2010

summer clothes, except when you go to the coast. It never gets that warm here. That opening scene of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"? That was DEFINITELY not Bogota. - Aug 2010

preconceived ideas about Colombia. Unlike what you normally will hear on the news, Colombia is a great place to live. - Aug 2010

shorts, flip-flops, sandals, summer clothes and snow clothes. - Jun 2010

Winter clothing. - Jan 2010

winter coat. - Sep 2009

Winter parka and summer shorts (unless you get away to other parts of Colombia). - Dec 2008

Summer clothes. - Dec 2008

Summer clothing, it is cold here and very, very, very rainy. It rains every day, no joke. - Nov 2008

Preconceived notions. - Nov 2008

Heavy winter coats, winter clothing. - May 2008

Sandals and shorts. - Apr 2008


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