Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Playing sports, doing group classes, going on group hikes. Just pursing hobbies that can be done in a group, generally. - Aug 2023

There is an American Women’s Club that I know of, not sure otherwise. - Feb 2021

It's tough. The society doesn't allow a lot of access for foreigners despite its undeserved reputation for being welcoming. Locals act in a rigid way in public; if you try to say hi to strangers on the street, you might get a response back some 10% of the time. The Bogotanos can be delightful if you have an introduction from a trusted third party, though. - Jul 2020

Clubs, bars, sports. - Feb 2020

There are all kinds of groups and clubs, and more available if you are comfortable in Spanish. American Women's Club, parent's groups, country clubs, running groups, hiking groups. - Nov 2018

The American Woman's Club is HUGE and seems to have TONS of activities, depending on your interest level. People go out to restaurants together, host each other in their homes, or rent "fincas" (weekend homes) with each other. Some go out to salsa clubs. Others go out to play Tejo. Some people make close Colombian friends and will do these things with them. Others may never meet Colombains outside of work, but might socialize with those colleagues. You can be as social as you'd like, it seems to me. - Sep 2018

There are a few expat groups/clubs that are pretty popular, e.g., the American Women's Club and the American Society of Bogota. - Aug 2018

American Women's Club (open to all English speakers) has been a life saver here with lots of fun events to meet other expats and Colombians and to explore the city's restaurants and culture. Otherwise, people go out to movies, restaurants and fincas (country houses) on the weekends. - May 2018

Movies, parks, amusement parks, restaurants with activities for kids - Apr 2016

Restaurants and night clubs. - Aug 2014

Dinner and drinks. Weekend lunches near La Calera. Running. Going to the parks with kids. - Jun 2014

See above. There are many restaurants, bars, and local celebrations. You can do as much as you want. But it's an early-rising city, and people often just want to go home and go to sleep! - May 2013

Lots of restaurants and clubs to choose from. There is a lack of cocktail lounges. - Oct 2012

There are great opportunities for entertaining and an active social life, whether in your home or out. - Jul 2012

Constant. It is easy to entertain especially when you can easily hire a maid to clean up and a butler and catering company to help you keep up with the Joneses. - Apr 2012

yes, yes, yes! - Jul 2011

Bars, happy hour at the embassy. There is a big American Women's group here and they have lots of activities. - Nov 2010

Colombians love to party. They seem like fun people, but they are very closed, and it is very difficult, in my experience, to become friends with them. - Sep 2010

Colombians throw a lot of parties at their houses. Americans in the embassy tend to go out. - Aug 2010

Lots of options. - Aug 2010

People go to restaurants. Colombians, as all Latin Americans, love fiesta and alcohol. People who have local friends have fiestas every weekend. - Jun 2010

Colombians spend every waking minute with their families when they are not working, so weekends they are unavailable usually. - Jan 2010

Tons of great restaurants and bars. - Sep 2009

What one makes of it. The Embassy is large and cliquish. There's very little sense of community like you would find at most posts. - Dec 2008

Colombians love to party. - Dec 2008

Lots, that is all Colombians can do, they are all entertaining in there apartments. Many loud parties are going on, almost every Friday or Saturday you can expect parting. For the expats there is AWC, thanks to them the women can stay busy with some activities, the cost to join is about US$50 per year. - Nov 2008

Pretty good - lots of clubs for young people, concerts, theater, etc for older people. - Nov 2008

There are tons of bars/clubs/ restaurants to go to still less that eating out in the States. It's a great social life here. - May 2008

What you make of it. Lot's to do, but some people choose to just entertain at home. - Apr 2008

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