Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Not as good as you would think. It's a big,, impersonal city and many people feel lonely here. The rain keeps you indoors a lot, and for those without Spanish, it can be especially difficult. Still, many find the city and country to be vibrant and alive and enjoy it here very much. - May 2013

When it is not raining: fairly high. After a month of not leaving the city, you start to get cabin fever. And then, after a trip, you perk right back up. - Oct 2012

I think it's very good, or at least it is among the people we socialize with. The complaints that I hear are typically from first-tour folks who have nothing to compare this experience with. Bogota really is as good as it gets, in terms of quality of life, ease of travel to the US, things to do, etc. - Jul 2012

It depends how long they've been here. Most of the men are eventually snared by Colombian women and it's a tangled web. Most expats dream of returning to their homes, or getting out of Colombia, but hate to leave the easy life of unending coffee breaks, all-night clubs, and attractive and 'giving' women. - Apr 2012

Decent. - Dec 2011

varies ENORMOUSLY! First, due to the rain. That gets some people really down on the place. But after a few sunny weeks they are ok again! Colombian drivers are insane, and that also tweaks people. Lastly, there is a phrase "que pena" that people use when they are being pushy or aggressive and you lose out on something. This gets people all riled up - and it is rude and annoying but acceptable. These are likely the 3 biggest morale busters (rain, traffic/driving, que pena) BUT it is such a livable city with so much to do -- and relatively inexpensive compared to other places we've been. I've loved it here and just try to ignore the rain as much as possible. It helped that one year there was a drought, so it wasn't always raining! - Jul 2011

I would say generally it is o.k. It depends on who you talk to. - Sep 2010

It varies from high to extremely low, depending on family situation. Single women do not seem to like it here. - Aug 2010

Fairly good. I think a lot depends on how much you can make friends with locals. - Aug 2010

Normally very high. - Aug 2010

Pretty good I think. It can be rather lonely here though because it is a huge city and tough to meet people outside of work. Also, watching your back all the time (because of crime) can be tiring. TRAFFIC is terrible and trying to cross streets is also stressful. - Jan 2010

The expats I've encountered in Bogota really like it here. - Sep 2009

Depends who you talk to. Single guys are pretty happy. Married couples where the spouse speaks Spanish (ie, Latinas/os), tend to be happier. - Dec 2008

Not great. Among government employees, it is getting worse not better due to the living conditions and the embassy life here. - Dec 2008

So so. - Nov 2008

Pretty good, except when there's too much rain or violence. - Nov 2008

Bogota is really hard work. . .from the Cafeteria, to the Ambassadors office, everyone is ALWAYS working hard and that leads to tiredness but we all truly enjoy the work we do and can see the impact of it daily. - May 2008

Good. - Apr 2008

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