Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Medium, any not that united as embassies are spread across different parts of the city (not close together). It's possible to make friends outside of expat circles (with locals) especially if you speak Spanish. - Aug 2023

Large expat presence but I have not made many friends outside the USA mission. - Feb 2021

It seems small for the size of Bogota. Morale higher among married expats than single expats. Bogota society is quite closed and already formed by college age, so those who are single have a hard time making friends or finding partners organically. The social life in Bogota is overrated based on a glowing reputation that didn't turn out true after living here. Expats seem much happier in Medellin. - Jul 2020

Large. Morale is good. - Feb 2020

Very large U.S. embassy community, lots of other embassies but they are all smaller. Moderate-sized expat business community. Generally good morale and most people people that Bogota is a great posting, and many extend for several years here. - Nov 2018

The community is large. And I would say the morale is good, but I find with the US Embassy expats it seems to depend on where they're coming from, if they're from a domestic department and just have this one shot to bring their families overseas. The US Embassy here is HUGE, so experiences seem to vary greatly. As a DoS family, we think we're in heaven. It's super easy living. When asked about living here, my husband likes to say, "It's great! I can drink the tap water," but it's more than that.

It really is easy living, with cheap English language movies, great produce, lots of concerts and events, weekly Ciclovia (roads closed for bikes and pedestrians), parks, markets and festivals. Enough tourism to have walking tours in English. It's a great life! Again, I find some people do complain, but I think there isn't a post in the world where they wouldn't complain, if they complain here. Traffic can be slow and some of the driving habits seem insane (right turns from the far left lane...). People will complain about the traffic a lot, but I think in the big scheme of the world, it's fine. I drive all over, and I'm the person who didn't get behind the wheel of a car once at our last post. - Sep 2018

Pretty large. Bogota has one of the biggest US Embassies in the world, and there is also a very large French population here (I've heard this is due to the large presence of Renault) as well as many other European expats. I think most expats are happy, although many feel very ambivalent about Bogota. - Aug 2018

US expat government community is large. Private US companies also have a large presence here. Due to current low employment opportunities, spouse morale is low. The community is click-ish, based on what agency one works for and too big to be close knit. There are few embassy events for family members who do not work at the mission and for those without children. - May 2018

Large and generally pretty good morale. - Apr 2016

This is a large embassy with a sizeable expat community. Morale is decent, but life in Bogota can wear you down, as it is a big city with terrible traffic and no road or pedestrian courtesy. - Aug 2015

Morale is low. The size of the community is large, but many people are there temporarily and are not there with families. - Aug 2014

U.S. Embassy staff is enormous. There is not a strong community with other diplomats. Other expats are easy to spot out and become friends with. Morale varies. Many feel lost in such a big embassy community. Others feel trapped due to the difficulty in finding taxis, the rain, and security restrictions. - Jun 2014

Large and growing. The American Women's Club (AWC) is a robust group that has multiple opportunities to meet expats from various countries. Membership costs $50/year. Many American companies are expanding their footprint in Bogota, so there are new people coming in all the time. - May 2013

Fairly large and growing quickly. - Oct 2012

This embassy is HUGE - one of the top three US Embassies in the world right now. So there are plenty of Americans to socialize with and there are opportunities to meet non-US expats as well. - Jul 2012

Huge. - Apr 2012

Huge. - Dec 2011

Pretty large -- it is a big city! - Jul 2011

Large. - Sep 2010

Big. - Aug 2010

Huge. - Aug 2010

This is one of the biggest expat communities in the world. - Aug 2010

Big. - Jun 2010

Large, but you don't see other ex-pats very often unless you go to Rosales or Usquen. The city is huge. - Jan 2010

Huge. - Sep 2009

Moderate, but growing. - Dec 2008

Huge. - Dec 2008

Huge. - Nov 2008

Pretty large, but not too active. - Nov 2008

HUGE!! - May 2008

Very Large. Lots of NGO's and US Companies. - Apr 2008

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