Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

We use a slingbox to get all US TV. Many people get Direct TV Puerto Rico, which has Spanish and English shows. Most people seem to have no problem getting what they need. There are virtually no English-language newspapers or magazines available locally. - May 2013

We have Direct TV out of Puerto Rico (available to embassy officers). so we watch American TV. We pay about $60 per month. - Jul 2012

The television service is typical of a developing country - the programming is not quite accurate. TV programs scheduled to start at 9:08 may not start until 9:20, or maybe they'll start at 8:57. Commercial breaks may last 30 seconds or 8 minutes. Seasons start like normal and then halfway through the season, the show just doesn't air anymore or goes to reruns. TV basically reflects the overall disorganization of the entire country; it is a subtle commentary on their political, economic and social structure. - Apr 2012

Some of the major print media chains do English translations online. Many TV shows in local cable are in English with Spanish sub-titles. - Dec 2011

Cable TV plus internet. We pay about 800 USD per month. - Nov 2010

Newspapers, no. TV, yes. Buy a box for 150 USD and pay for Direct TV Puerto Rico for sports and English programming. About 60 USD per month. - Aug 2010

Yes, DirecTV Puerto Rico. It's too expensive - so we don't have it. English-language magazines are available at some bookstores, but at a 200% markup. - Aug 2010

Almost everything is in Spanish. I'm not sure just what is available in English. - Aug 2010

Yes, pretty much the same as in the States. - Jun 2010

Cable TV has many channels in English, including Dr. House! Most are not in English though. - Jan 2010

Buy a box from DirectTV Puerto Rico (departing personnel often have it for sale) and you'll get ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. Telmex also has digital service with a box that can get you a few channels and can be bundled with internet and local phone service (which usually charges per call) to save you money. - Dec 2008

Did not see newspapers in English, not too much on TV, Cartoon network is in Spanish, CNN in English, you are lucky if you can find an English channel, it happens from time to time. - Nov 2008

Yes; cable TV and Internet provide a great deal of programming; cost around US$30/month for each. - Nov 2008

You can get the Miami Herald I believe, not sure about that. On the cable side of the house, you can get the Puerto Rican Direct TV which shows all the real U.S. stations or you can get Colombian Direct TV or TELMEX cable. PR Direct TV costs US$50 a month. The Telmex cable/internet package is a little over US$150 a month. - May 2008

Direct TV for sports lovers, but it is pricey. TVCable has a great TV/Internet package with many different English channels. - Apr 2008

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