Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

What English-language religious services are available locally?

Very limited. - Aug 2023

There are Catholic and Methodist as well as Mormon English services available in Bogot√°. - Feb 2021

None that I know of. - Feb 2020

Minima. International Church of Bogota and one Catholic service that I know of. - Nov 2018

I know of a non-denominational church that many embassy families attend. There is also an English-language Anglican (Episcopal) service and a Catholic Mass. There may be more, for instance, not sure about LDS. - Sep 2018

Yes, one English-language non-denominational church in Rosales, at least one Catholic church has an English mass. I know of some community members who attend a Mormon service and a Jewish synagogue, but I am not sure if they are in English. There is also an Episcopal priest that does an English language service. - Aug 2018

There are some English language church services. - Aug 2014

A few but I have no personal experience. - Jun 2014

Not much, but some. - May 2013

Catholic and Protestant services are available in English. - Jul 2012

Yes. - Apr 2012

I don't know. - Dec 2011

Yes. - Jul 2011

They are. - Nov 2010

There is a Catholic church anda non-denominational church that have services in English. - Sep 2010

Yes. - Aug 2010

There are one or two English-speaking non-denominationl churches. - Aug 2010

Yes, of all the churches. - Jun 2010

I don't know. There is a synagogue in Bogota, but I don't think the services are in English. - Jan 2010

I hear there are English services at least one Protestant and one Catholic church. - Sep 2009

There are a non-denominational Protestant service and a Catholic service held near the emmbassy housing area. - Dec 2008

There are Greek Orthodox churches, Jewish services, of course Catholic churches and lastly the United Church of Bogota, an English speaking church. If you are religious, you should have a place to go. - May 2008

All denominations available but in Spanish only. I think there are English Services at a few churches, but I have not attended them. - Apr 2008


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