Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Local provider (Claro). - Aug 2023

Unlocked smart phones work fine here. You can purchase a prepaid sim at many of the mobile services with your passport or sign up for a post paid plan with companies like Claro or Avantel. - Feb 2021

Claro or Avantel. - Jul 2020

There are several options for local mobile phone service. - Feb 2020

I believe everyone uses a local provider, although some people keep their U.S. WhatsApp numbers or use Google Voice or similar services. You can get prepaid or pay-as-you-go services with data that are affordable. - Nov 2018

I rolled my US # over to Google Voice years ago, and it sort-of comes around the world with me. I have it ringing at my desk phone right now, but I can also get voice mails and texts through it on my cell phone. I work from home, so I also have a US # via Skype, so that work can call me and it rings through to my phone or the computer, wherever I want to answer it. - Sep 2018

Claro is the main one. We brought our phones from the US and swapped sim cards. - Aug 2018

Local providers are plentiful and affordable. Paying your bill requires going to a local store in person since international cards are not accepted online. - May 2018

Several companies and plans are available. Just bring an unlocked phone. - Apr 2016

Claro has somewhat of a monopoly on US Embassy people. The service is functional for smartphones. - Aug 2015

Claro and Movistar are all over. Getting a contract can be difficult but "pay as you go" is easy to recharge. - Jun 2014

Buy a cheap one with a pay-as-you-go plan. It's the easiest way, and if it gets stolen you don't care. - May 2013

If not provided by the office, I would say get an UFF mobile data plan for approx $15USD/month and use free services for iPhones and Androids like Whattsapp and Viber. - Oct 2012

Everybody has them and there are several service providers in the country. You can get anything from a cheap no-bells-or-whistles phone to an iPhone. - Jul 2012

Most phones are unlocked and you buy a sim card with rechargeable minutes. - Apr 2012

No. - Dec 2011

Do the embassy plan and get a pay-as-you-go cellphone for kids. - Aug 2010

Cell phones and sim cards are readily available. It's easy to get set up with a plan. - Aug 2010

Prepaid is cheaper than postpaid. You can bring your unlocked cellphone from the States. - Jun 2010

Comcel has the better range. - Jan 2010

Cell phones are plentiful, and monthly service or pre-paid SIM cards are inexpensive. - Sep 2009

They're reasonable and you can find them everywhere. Better to buy a phone and recharge the minutes than to do a monthly plan. Comcel has the best coverage, but you can choose Avantel and get the free radio-to-radio function with other Avantel users. Movistar and Tigo also operate here. - Dec 2008

You can get one here from Comcel. - Nov 2008

Look at all the various plans. - Nov 2008

Most offices in the Embassy (if not all) issue cell phones upon arrival to have throughout their tour. - May 2008

Buy a local prepaid phone. Comcel has reliable service. - Apr 2008

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