Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. The sidewalks are terrible. Ramps or elevators are not a guarantee. Many areas may only have stairs. If you have young kids you really need a jogging stroller to cart them around reasonably. - May 2024

The hilly-ness, especially on the east side of the city, can be a challenge. - Aug 2023

It would be very difficult to get by in Bogot√° with a physical disability. - Feb 2021

Sidewalks range from beautiful to pitiful. Really depends on the neighborhood. - Jul 2020

The sidewalks are bad -- uneven, big holes, etc. Having said that, the Embassy employs three or four people in wheelchairs. - Feb 2020

Yes. It's possible, but definitely not easy. Sidewalks will suddenly end or have big chunks of concrete knocked out. Most multi-story buildings have elevators. - Sep 2018

If you were in a wheelchair, you could definitely have issues because the sidewalks are not great, even in the richest neighborhoods. Ramps are often missing and some stores/restaurants have steps (no ramps) to get into. I get frustrated just with a stroller, so I can't imagine a wheelchair. - Aug 2018

Yes, sidewalks are uneven and many buildings are inaccessible to wheelchair users. - May 2018

Yes - Apr 2016

Yes. The sidewalks are treacherous. - Aug 2015

It would be almost impossible to get around on the streets or sidewalks. - Aug 2014

It's not impossible but it is difficult. Only half of the sidewalks have ramps to cross the street. There are elevators in almost all buildings but some restaurants only have stair entry. - Jun 2014

A lot. There are few if any accommodations, and the sidewalks can be difficult due to poor repair, steepness, and being wet and slippery. One rarely sees people in wheelchairs here. Traversing Bogota is not for the faint of heart or the physically impaired. Traffic is heavy and fast and often does not respect crosswalks. - May 2013

It would be significantly difficult, considering the uneven pavement. Add in the high altitude, and it is not a good mix. - Oct 2012

Sidewalks are a disaster here, and I imagine it would be very difficult for someone with physical disabilities to navigate them easily. - Jul 2012

It's a developing country. It's also hard to rollerblade here. - Apr 2012

Many sidewalks are equipped to help blind and deaf. Most residential buildings have elevators. The old city is of course hopeless for disabled access. - Dec 2011

This city is not well equipped for people with disabilities. - Jul 2011

I can't imagine. If We have problems with the stroller, a person with a wheelchair would be in big trouble here. - Nov 2010

The city is not equipped for anyone with physical disabilities. - Sep 2010

It would be impossible to get very far in a wheelchair because of broken pavement, no curb cuts, cars running through crosswalks, etc. - Aug 2010

It would be hard to get around. Sidewalks are broken up, and there aren't a lot of ramps or accessible buses. - Aug 2010

Sidewalks are very uneven and difficult -- even to use strollers on them. There are lots of crowds, and people have little concept of space, which means that they often bump into you, even if you are standing still. A blind person or someone with difficulty walking could have a lot of challenges with mobility. - Aug 2010

Most of the buildings have an elevator, but the sidewalks are not the best. - Jun 2010

Do NOT come to Colombia! I can't imagine how someone with a physical challenge would handle it. - Jan 2010

Bogota would not be great for those with physical disabilities. - Sep 2009

This is definitely not an ADA-compliant country. - Dec 2008

Sidewalks are in bad condition and it is not pedestrian friendly -- the cars/trucks/buses rule the road. - Dec 2008

Lots, the side walk are broken, you don't even see women pushing strollers, they cary their children. - Nov 2008

Altitude - at 8500 feet the air is thin and polluted. - Nov 2008

Sidewalks are terribly broken and uneven. We couldn't even use our brand new double stroller we purchased before we arrived. - May 2008

Using the baby stroller here is challenging, so it must be the same for those in wheelchairs. - Apr 2008

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