Bogota - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Can’t speak from experience for singles our couples but it’s been exceptional for our family of four (two small kiddos). The quality of life and especially affordability of help would be a pipe dream in the US. It’s meant we can enjoy our kids fully while still getting time as a couple. There are also so many parks, festivals, fun places to go in and outside the city (restaurants with animals, fincas, etc.), it’s made it a magical place to explore. Colombians love kids and it shows. - May 2024

Good for all family configurations, although the divorce rate can be high. - Aug 2023

I think singles have a tougher time. Bogotá is great for couples and families. - Feb 2021

It's decent for singles but it's challenging to meet a local single who is intellectually vibrant and thinks about anything outside of Colombia's borders. The cultural gaps are bigger than they appear, especially the Colombians' extreme closeness with their families that leads to sheltered, banal young adults. Couples seem to enjoy it more here. Families appear happy too. - Jul 2020

Yes, lots of dating here. Families seem to like it here too. - Feb 2020

I think the city is good for all demographics; there is a lot to do for everyone. There are restaurants, clubs, movies, playground/parks, and lots of great travel outside of the city. - Nov 2018

I believe it's good for everyone. As in every other country in the world, the single men seem to date more than the single women. Couples can travel more frequently, as it can be spendy to travel with a family. Families have schools, parks, movies, etc. - Sep 2018

We were here with little kids. The low cost of childcare and household help is really nice. You can get just about anything you need here, and there are lots of things to do for families and kids. Lots of things to do within a few hours of the city if you need to get away. Colombia is not a super easy country to travel around with little kids just due to the level of development. It is getting better with the peace process and it's much better/safer than it was even a few years ago. - Aug 2018

Good city for couples with lots to do. Families may find apartment living a bit cramped. - May 2018

In my perspective it's pretty good for all. - Apr 2016

Good for all: families, couples, and singles. - Aug 2015

Living in Bogota is a difficult environment with very little to do. The boredom is the biggest challenge. - Aug 2014

Yes for all. Single males will enjoy meeting Colombian women and many find their future spouse here. Women have a harder time dating. Couples enjoy the night scene and the many restaurant and bar options in the city. Families do well with parks and weekend getaways. - Jun 2014

Yes. Single men seem to have no problem finding company to keep. But you should be aware that this is a 98% Catholic country, and many women take relationships very seriously. In other words, nothing is ever as free as it may appear. There are parks for families with small children, but in general there is not a lot for them to do outside of Ciclovia. Kids have very long days. They are picked up as early as 5:30 for some schools and don't get home till 4. They often have to be carried off the bus because they are asleep. And remember: it's a city, so they can't play in the street, ride bikes around the neighborhood, etc. - May 2013

It is hardest for single women and generally good for everyone else. Expat spouses seem to have an active social calendar. - Oct 2012

I think it's a great city for all, as there are so many amazing opportunities for everybody, no matter your stage in life. - Jul 2012

Yes. - Apr 2012

Bogota is a great place for all. It's a big city, which means its got niche opportunities for a wide variety of tastes and lifestyles. There's art and theatre, there's outdoorsy stuff, there's lots of stuff for kids, etc etc. - Dec 2011

I am part of a family with young kids, so I can only speak to that. I think it is great and had a wonderful 3 years here. I would stay here if I could. Singles seem to have a harder time. - Jul 2011

It is good for single men. I don't think it is good for families with small kids. For the babies it is so noisy, for the toddlers it is difficult. They get out of school at 12, and after that they have to be at home the all day because it is raining, or you have to pay for extra activities. There are plenty, but they are so expensive. Couples who work have to leave the poor kids the all day at home with the nanny. And the kids are sick all the time because of the weather. - Nov 2010

For families this is a hardship post. The only people I have heard who seem to really enjoy their time here are single men. - Sep 2010

Families and couples need to hang together. Singles seem to have more fun. You will find lots of bars and a good club scene. Colombian women seem to have no problem attaching themselves to American men for mercenary reasons, with no hard feelings -- or really any feelings at all. I talk to lots of guys, though, who are using the women, in return. They all seem OK with this arrangement, but it's not my cup of tea. - Aug 2010

I think it's great for our family because of the availability of domestic help and because there's a lot of entertainment for little kids (parks, amusement parks, etc.). Older kids might be more of a problem, because I wouldn't feel comfortable letting them out on their own as much as I would in the US. Single men love it here; single women hate it here. Couples seem to do all right, and lots of people have babies here. - Aug 2010

Absolutely! There are always plenty of things to do and experience. There is a plethora of restaurants and night clubs and lots of interesting activities just outside of the city. - Aug 2010

God for all. Singles are really happy here, especially men. I've heard that here are the most beautiful women they've ever seen in their life, and Colombians like Americans a lot. For kids. the weather is sometimes frustrating. They cannot be outside, but there are plenty of indoors places for kids, but again, in this area they are expensive. The preschools are nice, there is gymboree, divercity, mundo aventura, Andino mall, and lots of restaurants with playgrounds and people who paint their faces, make ballons,and play with them. If you live in el Chico, Jenno's pizza at calle 11 and 94 is a great place for kids when it is not raining. - Jun 2010

For all. - Jan 2010

I think Bogota would be great for couples and families with small kids. There are a million parks, and daycare and even Gymboree for the very young. Singles (especially males) seem to very much like Bogota. - Sep 2009

For single guys and couples without children (or with very young children), it's a good post. Families should avoid this place. - Dec 2008

Not so great for families with young children - they are stuck in the apartment a lot -- it rains almost every day and there is nowhere for children to go. - Dec 2008

THIS IS NOT A FAMILY FRIENDLY CITY, at least but my opinion, this is for single people, especially for MEN. We have 3 children here and we are struggling to keep them busy. - Nov 2008

Good for all of the groups. - Nov 2008

Great for singles, wonderful for couples with no children. . .as for families, it rains quite a bit. NO exaggeration, like every weekend. There are a handful of apartments with playgrounds in the building so you're stuck at home. Additionally, if you don't make Colombian friends you are stuck in Bogota when only an hour to three hours away it's hot, sunny and there are farms and resorts. The trick is knowing how to get there. Most of us, without Colombian friends don't know how. . .rewind back to the security question! You can't just jump in your car . . .rephrase, a New Yorker doesn't just jump in the car with license plates that say Hi I'm an American Diplomat in a country with a history like Bogota's. With that said, there are tons of places to go and see. Hopefully, before some of the families who are here now leave, we can compile something for families with children to get them around. - May 2008

This city is great for all. Great restaraunts, bars and cultural activities and sites. The only thing is that U.S. Embassy employees are very restricted when it comes to traveling the country. This makes traveling to the beach towns more expensive because you can't just stay anywhere. No adventure travel allowed here. - Apr 2008

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