What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

Air quality is fair to middling depending on the time of year. - Jul 2019

Air quality is moderate. It's very dusty. Garbage is burned there, usually at night, and the smoke/smell will permeate into your house. I wish I would have brought more candles and an air purifier. - Oct 2017

Burning trash and sandstorms can be hard on people with respiratory issues. - Oct 2017

*cough* *sniff* Lots of that in the winter but not for typical winter weather; you can get pneumonia living just south of the Sahara surprisingly. Once the rainy season (July-Oct) ends, the loose sand on the unpaved roads is similar to what a coal miner breathes so fine particles will enter your lungs and you can't avoid it. There are sandstorms throughout the year yet most typical in the spring (hot season) and they are cool to video but not cool to dust the house for the subsequent three days later. - Aug 2015

Great, except when there are sandstorms. - Jul 2013

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