Niamey - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

"high speed" would be stretching it. We usually have it in place for newcomers. Its expensive, almost $200/month. - Aug 2022

Internet is available, but a bit variable in speeds. I found I was able to stream low-quality movies (fine if you just want some background noise) and made video calls without issue. Outages were common though, and often weather affected. - Apr 2020

Yes. DSTv is about US$200 a month, Canal+ about 44CFA per month. Not long to install. - Jul 2019

All internet is slow speed through a wifi dongle or box. Slower than I remember dial-up. Unless you pay for the very expensive satellite internet, which some neighbors did by partnering up and splitting the cost. - Oct 2017

No. You can get ridiculously expensive satellite internet, or get a little box from Airtel. Don't expect to stream anything. Turning your phone into a hotspot was also a popular option. - Oct 2017

I don't remember the cost but its high cost isn't nearly as frustrating as the intermittent availability of it actually working or the in-person requirement to pay (no online billing and payments even though they're an internet company!). High speed internet, bah ha ha!! LOW bandwidth so when you wake up because the neighbor's goat or rooster is making noise, do your emails to friends in the middle of the night when the internet is in low usage throughout the city. - Aug 2015

High speed is a very relative term. Internet is getting better here, but don't think you'll be streaming anything during your time in Niger. - Jul 2013

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