Niamey - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

I brought Dawn dish soap, TP and paper towels and Kleenex, salad dressings, Hellmans mayo. - Aug 2022

More cleaning products as housekeepers tend to overuse floor cleaners. Additional toilet paper - you WILL need it and the local stuff, even the premium brands, do not match up to American TP quality. Laundry detergent/tablets - the local stuff is not good quality and we were advised it can mess up the drains on the washing machines. Make the most of the liquid allowance to ship favourite American sauces, since those can't be shipped through the pouch. As a former French colony, Niger has plenty of good wines and champagnes, but if you have a favourite beer, you might want to ship plenty as it is unlikely to be available. Make sure you contact the Community Liaison Office (CLO) for an up-to-date list of consumable recommendations! - Apr 2020

Liquids. - Jul 2019

More liquids. Unscented laundry detergent, dish soap (house staff love to overuse cleaning supplies), hair conditioner, chocolate chips, pasta sauce, soups, more Mexican ingredients like salsa, beans, hot sauce, tortillas, taco shells. The CLO has a comprehensive list of things that are not available on the local economy. - Oct 2017

Salsa, more ingredients for Mexican food. - Oct 2017

A treadmill, more transformers for U.S. appliances or more European wired/plug appliances, contact solution as it is not sold, a big comfy recliner, quality nail polish, pepperoni (any shelf stable meat like packaged bacon or ham), framed photos family and friends (but you can get those made, take a memory card to Photo Guidee and buy local leather wrapped frames), large hats to protect from sun, and more things to donate to local children like toys and crafts. - Aug 2015

Any comfort foods or things you enjoy. Lightweight active wear. Lots of cheap dress clothes, if you are going to work professionally, because your clothes will be ruined by the end of your time here. - Jul 2013

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