Niamey - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Nope - Aug 2022

There were good places to go hiking, if that's your thing. The river cruise to see the hippos is unique to Niger, I think, and the giraffes are the last wild herd in the world. Trips to the Grand Marché were also incredibly interesting, if a bit overwhelming a first. The Embassy held a number of cultural events to help new arrivals see all the city had to offer. - Apr 2020

Having clothing custom made for cheap, with African fabric!! - Jul 2019

Giraffe trip. Drinking beers and eating brochettes on Cap Banga (an island in the Niger river). Check out the beer garden at least once. Drink touareg tea. - Oct 2017

Go see the hippos and giraffes. - Oct 2017

There are several dinosaur bones on exhibit in an open air display. Chatting with artisans about their handiwork of jewelry or leather or pottery brings more interest to any item you may buy once you have a nice conversation or story to go with it. Le Patio has steak that is somehow juicy compared to the beef sold in stores, and La Table Vivanda locks the door once you enter to keep you safe and you can enjoy your creme brulee without wondering if terrorists will burst in before finishing the last bite. - Aug 2015

Sand dunes. The last herd of wild giraffes in West Africa. Parc W, a national park just a couple of hours from Niamey. There are a couple of good restaurants. Drive to Burkina Faso (8 hours). Fly to Agadez to see an interesting city in the North. See camel racing in Niamey -- and traditional wrestling as well. - Jul 2013

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