If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Winter coat, good shoes. - Jul 2019

Winter coats and Netflix subscription. - Oct 2017

Winter clothes and expectations of Western living. - Oct 2017

uptight sense of entitlement at home. This is not a place for the weary or those without an adventurous spirit. You are not special because you are American; you are equal to every other person and a condescending attitude will get you nowhere and a waiter who doesn't help you and a missed opportunity to meet someone who will leave you with a lifetime memory of a brief yet genuine friendship. Just be normal and not pretentious. Nigeriens are gracious and come from simple means yet appreciate all they have so don't be the whiny American saying "It's so hot" - they know.... If a Nigerien does not smile when you say Bonjour Ca Va? then something is wrong with you... - Aug 2015

Winter coat and your desire to travel around this amazing country and experience its different cultures. Chances are you'll be quarantined in Niamey for the duration of your stay -- unless you have a work trip. Nearly every missionary who was out in the bush or in northern Niger has either returned to Niamey or left the country. Short day trips to see the giraffes, or weekend trips down to Parc W, are the exception to this. - Jul 2013

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