Niamey - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Local buses and taxis are here but we are forbidden to use them for security reasons. - Aug 2022

Absolutely not. I once saw a local bus with people in seats strapped to the roof! Taxis are not permitted as they are extremely unsafe and often a target for thieves. - Apr 2020

No, no, no, and no. - Jul 2019

We were not permitted to use local transportation. - Oct 2017

The U.S. embassy did not permit use of any of the above. Having seen them build the train tracks, if it ever starts running, I'd avoid using it. - Oct 2017

A train.... Ha ha, to where?? My French tutor prior to moving there taught me about catching a train and buying tickets at the train station and I tried to explain Ce n'est necessaire! If you want to share your taxi with a lady and her goat, go ahead. Taxis do not pick up one person and take you to your destination. The driver will pick up other passengers along the way until the non A/C cab with windows down and sand flying in has a full taxi AND you will be dropped off where it is convenient on his route so basically a block from where you were headed. The taxi ride will just be a couple of dollars regardless of how long you were in the cab. - Aug 2015

Taxis seem to be safe and are cheap, though they will try to gouge you if they know you're a foreigner. - Jul 2013

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