Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

Just beware of air quality. - Jan 2024

That this may not be the place for you as there are way too many health factors you will not be able to control here. - Apr 2023

Carry all the digestive aids you need. - Aug 2021

If you are a vegetarian you will be very happy here. I have gotten sick a few times from food but not nearly as often as I thought I would have. - Apr 2021

Be very careful with your food and come inside when the air pollution gets bad. - Aug 2018

Food allergies are not commonly known there. This would be a hard place to be unless the allergy is minor. - May 2018

The local populace is not aware of food allergies. - May 2016

Despite the steadily warm weather, there is a pollen season that can affect those with allergies. But the air pollution is a much bigger concern. It's easy to be vegetarian. Eggs are considered meat and aren't used widely in baking. Nuts are often blended into sauces. Anyone with a shellfish allergy will be fine if s/he eats vegetarian -- no surprises there. Food tends to be very oil-heavy. Fresh fruits and vegetables must be disinfected, and they are rarely served at restaurants. Most food is cooked. - May 2016

Avoid dusty places. - May 2015

Some people suffered from mold allergy. It is very humid in Chennai, so the entire city is filled with mold. - Mar 2015

A lot of people developed allergies here. - Oct 2014

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