Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

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There are difficulties, and some people really had a rough time of it. But just having an open mind and being positive makes this a pretty easy spot. As my first post, I'm not sure if it's typical for there to be such a diversity of opinion/levels of happiness, but one needs to understand whether they are of a personality type that can excel in a poor/developing country. - Jan 2024

This place, both India and work, in my opinion, ran on weaponized incompetence. Staff attempted to avoid doing unpleasant tasks by pretending not to be able to do them, doing them poorly, or just being incompetent. You always felt like you had to do it by yourself and pick up the slack. Over time, this created a lot of additional mental baggage and workload, which caused relationship tension, friction, and stress. - May 2023

This city is not on people's travel, bucket lists, or dream workplaces for a reason. Do what many people do, keep your head low and just stay two years and move on with yourself. - Apr 2023

This post is hard-to-fill, and therefore, sections can be staffed (and often led) by newer officers who don’t have a lot of background experience in terms of expectations and performance. It seems local staff can get by on doing less, and only a few seem to know their jobs well. It's exhausting to live and work here. - Aug 2021

If have ever thought about living in India, Chennai is the place to do it. - May 2019

The people of Chennai are incredibly friendly and despite the difficulties here, I have enjoyed my time. memories for life. - Aug 2018

Don't bother shopping for clothes in advance. I bought a lot of new lightweight clothing before coming, but there are cheaper and better options available once you arrive. - May 2018

India is what you make it to be. Religion is a way of life, so avoid religious conversations. Focus on what you like best, and you'll be alright. - May 2015

I wrote this review to contrast some of the sunnier previous reviews. Some people come here and love it, but most who I have known over the past three years have struggled with serious up's and down's. There were some great times but life here is hard and people should know that coming into it and not expect it's going to be easy. The people who thrive here either have an India connection or have just come from somewhere worse, and those places are few and far between. Don't get me wrong, not everyone here is hating life every moment of the day, people adjust and follow their hobbies, or get in shape; they cope. It's just not a place where most people want to come back to, the frustrations are many. I am glad my family and I were here and admire the persistence of the people who live here. We have made some great friends both among locals and expats and learned a lot about the culture which we appreciate. - Jun 2014

We loved our two years there and will go back if given the opportunity. It is hot, crowded, driving is crazy (yes I drove there), dirty, but the people are open and friendly, the culture is amazing and of all the cities in India, I think it is the easiest to live in. - Jun 2010

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