Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

No. In my two years I didn't hear of any security incidents. Indians treat foreigners with great respect, except for the constant staring/gawking. Our children received quite a bit of interest, which could potentially bother more helicopter-ish parents. - Jan 2024

No security concerns. - Apr 2023

At first this city seemed safe but as soon as something happens to you, you realize that no one will ever come to your side and assist. This is a society of people who stand by and observe people doing all kinds of negative behavior from pooping on the street to littering and harassing women and they will never say anything. For women, rape is a real thing here in India and women are harassed. It's serious and it is obvious that women are often treated like second-class citizens. So, yes, there are real personal security concerns here that probably require women officers to be extra vigilant. In some cases it just means women probably do not go out as much as men do because they do not want to deal with it. - Apr 2023

None except beggars in the streets. - Aug 2021

Pickpocketing and petty crime happen although it is not widespread. There is some violence but not typically directed towards foreigners. - Apr 2021

Chennai is very safe. - May 2019

Very little. Chennai is a very safe place compared to my home back in the USA. - Aug 2018

Take the same precautions you would take in any city. That being said, we have never felt unsafe. - May 2018

Chennai seems very safe to me. - May 2016

Day-to-day doesn't feel worrisome from a security perspective, but data show violence and terrorism remain high in India in general. - May 2016

None. Chennai is very safe. As in most of India, the 'establishment' is everywhere. They keep a discreet eye on everything and run a pretty tight ship. It is not unusual for criminals to be badly beaten up to 'extract' confessions. - May 2015

We felt extremely safe here. - Mar 2015

We felt very safe here. As with any city, you should always be aware of your surroundings, and use common sense. - Oct 2014

Overall Chennai was very safe. - Oct 2014

Personal security is fine, the biggest threat is traffic and dengue. - Jun 2014

Not particularly, but I feel India is a country where you just never know. If you use your common sense and stay within safe areas of town and don't act flashy or walk the streets late at night, you will be very safe here. I would say that Chennai is one of the safer big cities in India. - May 2014

Crime is very low here. I feel extremely safe here, especially compared to major cities in the U.S. Traffic is super crazy though and sidewalks (when they are there) are usually used for hawkers. This means people walk in the streets. Not pedestrian friendly at all. - Aug 2013

I feel very safe in Chennai. - Jul 2012

No. Touch wood, that's more of a problem in the north. - Aug 2011

Chennai is very safe. I never felt threatened in any way. It is one of the safest places in India. That being said, my purse was stolen in another city where we went to see the temples. That was surprising and a hassle. It was just taken off the back of the chair while we were all sitting at the table. - Jun 2010

Not really. Petty theft, pick pockets. - Sep 2009

This is the safest city I have every lived in. If you follow the barest of security precautions then, you'll be fine. - Aug 2008

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