Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

People seemed to be very happy with the international school there, but no experience from my end. - Jan 2024

AISC is alright. In my opinion, a lot of "frou-frou" teaching, and not much emphasis on academics. And, in my opinion, student-led nonsense. - Apr 2023

There were plenty of schools here. Indians enjoy private education so there appeared to be lots of schools. - Apr 2023

I often hear from other officers that AISC is one of the best international schools in the world. The campus is beautiful and the teachers are top-notch. The school communicates well with parents and the quality of instruction is incredible. - Apr 2021

AISC is amazing and one of the reasons that many if not all who are eligible extend. - May 2019

I don't have kids that go to the international school but heard its really nice and VERY expensive. - Aug 2018

The American International School (AISC) is where most consulate kids attend, and it is truly a remarkable place for all levels. A few families are at a smaller French School. There are a number of preschool options as well. Most families describe AISC as the highlight of a tour in Chennai. - May 2018

A-plenty. Ranging from exorbitantly expensive to reasonable. - May 2015

There is the American International School of Chennai, the German school, and a few other local international schools. I have no experience with those schools. - Mar 2015

American International School of Chennai (AISC) - we had a great experience with the elementary grades. - Oct 2014

Yes - my daughter was young so only attended a part-time daycare. It was good but only 3 hours a day. Everyone had nannies. The international schol had a good reputation. - Oct 2014

AISC has been great. Like any school there are a few downsides but for us it was one of the main positives of our tour. The school is continuously getting better and facilities are top notch. Teachers, on the whole, are good and academics are very good. - Jun 2014

AISC is by all accounts a great school. - May 2014

AISC has amazing facilities. Teachers are good, maybe not Philips Andover-good, but good. - Aug 2011

There is the American International School of Chennai. We were very happy with the facilities and the experience. I had a high schooler, middle schooler and elementary schooler. All at the same school. The school provided bus service. There is IB and AP.Last year tey had over 800 students. The sports program for the older kids is great - basketball, volleyball, track, swimming team, soccer. All are competitive and travel for tournaments around the region. There are plenty of after school activities for the elementary kids as well. The class sizes are medium size - 15-20.Most classes had teacher aides. The school is building and expanding their facilities. The school is over 50% Korean now with the car copanies moving into Chennai. That has it's challenges in the elementary grades but did not seem to affect the older kids. - Jun 2010

I hear they are good. - Sep 2009

The AISC is a wonderful school. They have numerous (usually free) after school activities. The athletics is great with swim, track, basketball, and tennis teams. The school is growing but the headmaster seems up to the task of making sure the growing pains are not bad. The school recently acquired more land. - Aug 2008

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