Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

A pretty easy 25% post. Good money, can save money, have all the house help you need. Good regional travel. - Jan 2024

It never gets cold and you have a big giant beach that you can run on sometimes, if you're a runner. - May 2023

You're not in Delhi? Other than that, I really saw no advantages to living in this city. It's not a place you should come to if you think it will be interesting for your career. Mostly, people came here because jobs are available and they did not land something elsehwere. - Apr 2023

There are none. - Aug 2021

You will save a lot of money. Chennai is a great city and the people are wonderful. - Apr 2021

Cheap, easy living, a great hub to stage travel throughout India and Southeast Asia. Direct flights to Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, and more. - May 2019

Ability to save money. Cheap travel within the region. Nearby beaches. Awesome local motorcycles: Royal Enfield. - Aug 2018

Amazing regional travel and the exceptional American International School community. - May 2018

Some of the most amazing people I've met anywhere. They truly take you into their hearts immediately. - May 2016

it is inexpensive. Availability to travel within India, but out-of-country regional travel is more difficult than it may seem. - May 2016

I was shocked to see such contrast all in one place. Poverty exists, as does opulence. There are tons of nice beaches, and the hills offer respite from the oppressive summer heat (and there are many hilly areas). - May 2015

Traveling throughout India and region, rich culture, friendly people and good Indian food. - Mar 2015

Travel in India and region, rich culture, friendly people. - Oct 2014

Chennai is inexpensive so shopping of all kinds is great. Household help is also inexpensive as are services. Traveling in India is not difficult and there are so many interesting things to see all over India. - Oct 2014

You can definitely save money here, that is a big advantage. There is also a lot of regional travel opportunities, such as SE Asia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Gulf. If you are interested in Indian culture then of course there is a lot to see and experience. Chennai is also on the ocean (Bay of Bengal) and there are a few decent beach resorts that make for good weekend get aways. Kerala is an easy flight away and should be visited as well. - Jun 2014

Fascinating culture. Delicious food. Lovely Madras filter coffee. Affordable cost of living. Fresh fruit and vegetables, many of which are available year-round. Traveling within the country and region is fairly easy and affordable. Proximity to Singapore, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Andamans and of course all of India. Yes, it's hot and humid in South India, but year-round sunshine is a bonus for many. Shopping is fun here and you can get some great bargains. As an avid reader, I particularly appreciate how affordable books are here. Availability of household help. All kinds of beautiful crafts here - paintings, pottery, silks, etc. As for saving money... it is possible, if you don't spend it all on travel and beautiful Indian things! - May 2014

The cost of living is extremely low when you are living on a U.S. salary. You can save a lot of money here. We travel quite a bit and have still managed to save. Also, the culture here in Southern India is so different compared to the rest of India, let alone the U.S. Also, it is swimming weather year-round, so all the Consulate kids learn to swim really young. - Aug 2013

Chennai is a relatively safe and friendly city with a laid back life-style. - Jul 2012

The food is great -- if you like South Indian food, which is actually a range of unique cuisines, household help is abundant. The Consulate is well managed and well-resourced in contrast to five+ years ago. Locals are friendly, though keep to themselves on weekends. - Aug 2011

The Indian culture of South India is unlike anywhere else in India. It is very traditional Hindu. The emphasis is on family and vegetarian food. - Jun 2010

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