Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Washington DC. - Jan 2024

United States. It's a long trip to get home via New Delhi, Doha, Dubai, or Europe. In my opinion, airports in India are really bureaucratic and slow and dirty, so you just what to knock yourself out so you can wake up in a more civilized airport stopover after a few hours en route to the US. - May 2023

The trip to the US is a long trip no matter how you break it up (Doha, Delhi, London, Paris, Frankfurt), but the worst part is often just dealing with bad insfrastructure, poorly trained staff and large crowds at India's worst airport - Chennai airport. - Apr 2023

Two-day travel that gets progressively worse, especially once you finally land in India. Previous travel transited through Frankfurt, on PCS I had to transit through New Delhi. - Aug 2021

U.S.A. Trips back typically require a stopover in New Delhi followed by a direct flight to a number of U.S. cities. - Apr 2021

United States. Chennai to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to United States. It's a full 24 hour travel day. - May 2019

East coast of USA. About a full day of travel with a connection in the gulf (shortest route) or via Europe. - Aug 2018

It's about a 24 hour trip to the D.C. area, and further if you're flying into a smaller airport. Most flights to the U.S. go through Europe or the Middle East, but there are some direct flights from New Delhi, too. However you go, it's a long trip. - May 2018

Washington, D.C. I've traveled back and forth via London on British Airways. It's about 23 hours each way. - May 2016

Washington D.C., New York. No direct flights. Options available through London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Doha, and others. - May 2016

Chicago. Varies, depends on your layovers. It can take anywhere from 14 to 36 hours to reach Chennai. - May 2015

We flew from DC to Chennai through Frankfurt-about 20 hours total. - Mar 2015

DC - about 20 hours total, connecting through Frankfurt or New Delhi. - Oct 2014

The U.S. The trip was about 20 hours with connections. - Oct 2014

Washington, DC; about 20 hours with a connection in Frankfurt or London. - Jun 2014

Home base is either in U.S. or United Kingdom. Chennai to London direct is about 9.5 hours. Also possible to connect in Frankfurt or Dubai. Chennai to the Eastern United States is about 20 + hours including a layover in Frankfurt. - May 2014

Home base is Washington, DC. Traveling under U.S. government orders through United/Lufthansa from Chennai-Frankfurt-DC takes about 30 hours with layovers. Each flight is about 9-10 hours long. Other choices include going first to Delhi and then straight to DC. Or going through Dubai. - Aug 2013

My home is in the USA and the trip is LONG. You can connect through Europe or through the Middle East to get to America from Chennai. The Middle eastern Airlines are nicer. - Jul 2012

Connect in Brussels or Frankfurt to get back to Washington or New York. Do Brussels, as it's a nicer airport and with the USG that will get you on AA and Jet Airways. United does the Frankfurt run, and the flight service is mean and nasty. Jet Airways is a dream, but unfortunately, you cannot fly them all the way in to New York on USG funds. - Aug 2011

Home base is Fort Smith Arkansas, Long trip, connection AR-Atlanta(2 hrs)-Chicago(2 Hrs)-Delhi(14 hrs)-Chennai (2.5 hrs). - Jun 2010

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