Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes. Not the best place, not the worst. - Jan 2024

No. - May 2023

I will never return. - Apr 2023

No way. - Apr 2023


For sure. - Apr 2021

Yes, Chennai is amazing. - May 2019

I was assigned and didn't have a choice. It's ok but I can think of a lot of places I would rather be. - Aug 2018

We have made some great friends and enjoyed traveling and learning about India, but no, we would probably not move here knowing what we know now. - May 2018

In a heartbeat. - May 2016

No. (It wasn't really by choice in the first place.) - May 2016

Yes, but with a bushel of salt. - May 2015

Yes, it was a good family post-safe, kind people, good Indian food, lots of traveling opportunities and low cost of living. - Mar 2015

Yes. India is not the easiest country to live in, but if you go in with an open mind and accept that there will be inconveniences, it can be an incredible adventure. We enjoyed our 2 year assignment, and were happy to leave when it was done. - Oct 2014

Totally. I loved it. - Oct 2014

Absolutely not. - Jun 2014

Yes. India has been very, very challenging for me, but it's been a fascinating experience and I've found there's a lot to enjoy here. - May 2014

I think if you ask me this question on different days you would get different answers... Am I glad we came here? Yes. Would I live here forever? No. It is a hardship post and you have to sift through the bad to get to the really good stuff. - Aug 2013

Definitely. - Jul 2012

Absolutely! - Aug 2011

Most definitely! - Jun 2010

Absolutely. - Sep 2009

Yes, yes, yes. Any discomfort or frustration at the hot sticky weather or unfamiliar customs were far outweighed by the travel and shopping opportunities, freedom of movement, access to culture, history, local families & friends, and the open approachable nature of Tamils on the whole. - Mar 2009

If you doubled my salary and told me I would not have to deal with visas, maybe. - Aug 2008

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