Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Oils, maple syrup, pasta sauces. Basically any fluids that can't go through pouch. - Jan 2024

More bleach and cleaning supplies, alcohol, beer, wine, air fresheners, meat, cheese, and sausages. - May 2023

Nothing really. Lots of alcohol as you will need it when you have to put up with the endless hassle and stupidity you see on a daily basis. - Apr 2023

Good detergent and cleaning supplies. - Apr 2023

See above. Most everything aside from liquids above 16oz can be sent in the pouch. Many people receive regular large orders from Costo. - Apr 2021

Lots of people say oils, but in general I don't feel like we are lacking anything. Meat in general is of lower quality than you would find in the U.S. or Europe as a result we eat a lot more vegetarian dishes and south Indian food in general is great. - May 2019

Wine and spirits, as the selection is poor, expensive and limited to state-run TASMAC shops. Be sure to hit duty-free when before connecting to Chennai. - Aug 2018

More liquids! Dry products like pasta, cereal, etc. you can order through the pouch, but liquids are hard to come by here either because they're much more expensive or much lower quality than you'd like. Ship plenty of cooking oils, nut butters, dish and laundry soap, toiletries, etc. - May 2018

Anything liquid. Oils are available, but low quality and expensive. Vinegar is the same and can be hard to find. Believe it or not, I found myself wishing I had more hot sauce. - May 2016

Nothing worth shipping. The things I miss most are either not allowed in the pouch (alcohol) or perishable. - May 2016

Sour cream! - May 2015

All the liquid stuff. - Mar 2015

Olive oil, peanut butter, maple syrup. You can get just about anything you would want but it will cost you. - Oct 2014

Any specialty American foods - peanut butter, candy, chips etc. Foreign food is expensive. - Oct 2014

Consumables, syrup, black beans, cereal, sun tan lotion. - Jun 2014

Tinned tomatoes, maple syrup, good cereal, eco-friendly cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues, good quality chocolate, jars of pesto, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, gluten-free flour, chocolate chips, aluminium foil, clingfilm, apple sauce, hand sanitizer wipes, contact lens solution, sulfate/parabens/etc-free shampoo & conditioner, nail polish, natural food colouring, pecans. - May 2014

Toilet paper, pasta sauce, tomato paste, pancake sauce, mac n cheese, cereal (by mail), baby foods and smoothie pouches, jam, molasses, apple cider vinegar (or other non-white vinegar), plastics wrap, ziplock bags, cat litter and food, wood furniture cleaner, apple sauce, corn meal, cocoa powder, olives, artichoke, heart of palm, maple syrup, corn syrup, refried beans. I would ship liquids and order others by mail. You can get a lot of those things here, but if they are Western-specific, you will pay a lot. - Aug 2013

American white flour and brown sugar as well as good chocolate chips. All are available here, but the quality is not as good as in the US. - Jul 2012

Loads of stuff... breakfast cereals ($10/box locally), beef of all kinds. the list is long - Aug 2011

I would ship more Diet Dr Pepper. Other than that, we were happy with what we could get on the local economy. - Jun 2010

Really, there was nothing I needed. But, I might add wine, liquor, good shoes/sandals, cotton dresses/dress shirts. Also, maybe liquid laundry detergent. Cereal if you have kids. Snack food for when you are on the go. TVs, etc., are expensive in India with few choices on brands, but small 220V appliances (iron, juicer,kitchen items, etc.) are all cheap. - Sep 2009

Olive oil and any specialty items. - Aug 2008


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