Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Pouch. No experience with anything else. - Jan 2024

Through the Consulate. - Apr 2023

Pouch. It takes forever given all the delays in flights. It was up to a month on any given order. You just never knew. If you're an online shopper and rely on US products, don't expect this to be a bright spot or coping mechanism during your time in Chennai or you will get frustrated. - Apr 2023

Pouch. - Aug 2021

Diplomatic pouch primarily. However, Amazon India is fast and adequate in some cases, although the quality is generally on the lower side. You can order things from all over the country, such as coffee, pretty easily. - Apr 2021

Diplomatic pouch. - May 2019

Courier. Fedex. Local post is slow and a bit challenging and best for domestic use. - Aug 2018

Diplomatic pouch takes 2-4 weeks. Be warned, however, that during the hot season anything remotely meltable (kids chewable gummies for instance) will likely arrive melted and ruined. - May 2018

Diplomatic pouch. - May 2016

Diplomatic pouch. No liquids over 16 oz. No flammable material (e.g., nail polish, cologne). No alcohol. Aluminum cans are okay. It takes about 2.4 to 3 weeks on average for mail to reach Chennai through the pouch. - May 2016

Fedex, USPS, even India Post is not bad. - May 2015

Pouch-takes about 3 weeks. - Mar 2015

Pouch - usually took 2-3 weeks to get mail. - Oct 2014

Consulate pouch takes a few weeks. - Jun 2014

We use the diplomatic pouch to receive and send mail. Sometimes we will use India Post for international mailing. It is affordable and, in my limited experience, reliable. - May 2014

We use Diplomatic Pouch. So, we have to mind the 16 oz. liquid limit. - Aug 2013

Through USG pouch. Slow, but 2-3 weeks just isn't as bad as it sounds. - Aug 2011

There is Fedex and Ups in the country. We had pouch privileges at the consulate. It would take 2-3 weeks for mail to arrive from the states. - Jun 2010

DHL or Indian Post. DHL is quite expensive but reliable. Indian post is the opposite. - Aug 2008

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