Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Hot generally at all times. Humid as well. Even in the evening going outside is a struggle. - Jan 2024

Extremely hot, humid, and oppressive most of the year. A few weeks of rain contribute to Chennai being known for terrible floods. - May 2023

Hot summers Cool winters - Apr 2023

It is a harsh climate all year long. It is hot and dry in summer and wet and hot in the winter. It is hard to escape the heat. It limits what you do outside. While the beach may seem like a nice attraction, the open defecation and raw sewage that runs into the ocean is a non-starter for many. - Apr 2023

Hot, very hot, super hot. - Aug 2021

It's generally very hot and humid for most of the year. I have four dehumidifiers in my house that I empty twice a day. From December to January the temperatures drop, making it quite comfortable. - Apr 2021

Hot, hotter and hottest + a rainy season. - May 2019

Always hot. January through June are the worst and hottest months. Monsoon rolls in during November and sticks around through December. - Aug 2018

Locals describe the seasons as "hot, hotter, and hottest." That's pretty accurate, with a rainy season thrown into the mix too. - May 2018

Three seasons: hot, hotter, and hottest. Monsoon tends to hit from October to December. It's wet then. Otherwise mostly dry. - May 2016

January to March is pleasantly hot (80s to low 90s Fahrenheit, maybe even 78 degrees at night), and always humid. April to July is very hot (100s, with "feels like" temperatures from 120-130F), and very humid, with occasional thunderstorms later in the summer. August and September are still very hot. October to December is monsoon season, with heavy, persistent rains and high temperatures. The temperature does not cool off at night. - May 2016

H O T. - May 2015

May/June are the hottest months, July-October is hot, and November-January is not hot, but there are more mosquitoes than other months. And heat comes in February. - Mar 2015

Hot, and hot and wet. The weather is decent from November - January but this also overlaps with monsoon season when mosquitos abound (see below). - Oct 2014

Hot, hot and more hot. - Oct 2014

Hot, hotter and hottest. A few months out of the year are bearable (Nov-Feb), the rest is misery. - Jun 2014

It's a tropical wet and then dry climate. The 'cooler' time of year is from around November to March, but the heat never really lets up. Monsoon season is around October - December, but last year the rainy season was pretty mild. - May 2014

The weather is almost dreamy from November-January. Of course, that is when the mosquitoes come out in droves. Otherwise, it is hot or hotter with small monsoons in June/July and October/November. The hottest months are May/June. Many people (especially locals) head to hill stations for cooler weather or get out of India during that time period. - Aug 2013

Hot and humid, but you do get used to it. May is the hottest month and the weather is generally very pleasant Nov-Feb. - Jul 2012

The temperature is 70-80F. and pleasant from November to maybe February. Other than that, hot and tropical. But strangely, not as hot and unpleasant as Washington in August. You'll get used to it. There has never been a day when I could not wear shorts if I chose. - Aug 2011

The climate is hot, hot and wet, then hotter. The monsoons being heavy rain and it cools off to a nice 80 degrees for a couple of months then hits over 100 and very humid in May and June. - Jun 2010

Humid and hot. Tropical & sunny almost year round. April - June are the hottest months, so a good time to plan a vacation away. - Sep 2009

Hot and sweaty. - Mar 2009

It hovers around 95F for most of the year until December and January when it plunges into the lower 80'sF. The hot season of May/June sees temperatures of 110F regularly. - Aug 2008

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