Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

Was this post your first expatriate experience? If not, what other cities have you lived in as an expat?

I have worked in several overseas posts in SCA, AF and NEA. Chennai is by far the most difficult post I've worked in. - Aug 2021

No, other cities in Asia and the Middle East. - Apr 2021

No. - May 2019

I lived in Europe previously working for a Fortune 500 firm. - Aug 2018

Not first expatriate experience. - May 2018

Not my first, but my first in Asia. I've lived in Europe before. - May 2016

No. - May 2016

No. I've lived in Cape Town, Bangkok, Singapore, and Tokyo. - May 2015

No, we lived in Sao Paulo, Dubai, and Dhaka. - Mar 2015

No - Mexico and Tanzania. - Oct 2014

No. I have also lived in the UK, Greece, and Korea. - Oct 2014

No, fourth assignment and we have lived in East Asia, SE Asia and Europe. - Jun 2014

No, I have also lived in France and the United States. - May 2014

This is our second. We have also lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil. - Aug 2013

No. I have lived in Tokyo, Japan and Heidelberg, Germany. - Jul 2012

Beijing. - Aug 2011

No, lived in Kyiv, Ukraine July 2005-April 2007, Niamey, Niger March 2004-July 2005, Misawa Japan 1982-1985, Hahn Germany 1970-1974. - Jun 2010

No. Prior experience living in Europe, Asia. - Sep 2009

No--I have lived in Western Europe many times. - Mar 2009

No; Guangzhou, China. - Aug 2008

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