Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Some decent shopping. Antiques, South Indian art, some decent furniture. Most at this post seem to buy a few Indian/regional carpets, which seem nice and good quality. - Jan 2024

Not so much. I heard people used to buy things here, but maybe they picked them up in their travels around the country, but not south India. - May 2023

Nope. South India does not have the handicrafts or fun things that people like to buy in northern India. Quality of new items is low and artwork uninspiring and very religious. Go north. - Apr 2023

You will quickly tire of the local goods here... after a while it all looks the same no matter where you go. - Aug 2021

You can get high-quality picture frames made for very fair prices. If you have any art you have been waiting to frame, bring it with you. - Apr 2021

Yes, carpets, paintings, Chola bronze sculpture, so many cool things. - May 2019

Yes. textiles, silks, oriental carpets, wooden furniture galore - stock up here! - Aug 2018

People tend to buy textiles, woodwork, etc. There are some beautiful rugs, but they're quite expensive. - May 2018

Puja supplies. - May 2016

If you like to shop, you might as well furnish your whole house while you're here. Fabrics (table cloths, bedspreads, sheets, towels, clothing), hand-made furniture, rugs all cheap. - May 2016

Furniture, fabrics, local arts. - Mar 2015

Lots of crafts and fabrics. - Oct 2014

Fabric, furniture, Indian souvenirs. - Oct 2014

There are antiques and shopping in Pondicherry and Southern Tamil Nadu; we spent a lot of money on travel and were still able to save. - Jun 2014

Silk, cottons - so many beautiful fabrics of any colour you can think of. Scarves - cashmere, embroidered, you name it. Antique wooden furniture. Gold and silver jewellery. Pottery. - May 2014

Rugs, fabric, antique furniture, jewelry, framing. - Aug 2013

Fabric, jewelry and furniture is beautiful and inexpensive. - Jul 2012

Good food. Westerners often come and want to buy local South Indian clothes, though we have tried to resist -- the moment folks leave here, they realize they'll never wear the stuff again. - Aug 2011

24 karat gold everything! - Jun 2010

Textiles, antique furniture from Pondicherri, TRAVEL! - Sep 2009

Carvings, cloth, tailor-made clothes are cheap and good. - Aug 2008

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