Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Standard health concerns living in a developing country. Facilities for medical care were average or below, but the physicians are all good (education system in India is excellent, and many were also educated abroad). A few cases of dengue in the community, but nothing with my family. The worst was just a pretty typical sore throat, headache, standard cold that we somehow had every few weeks. Nothing debilitating, but frustrating. - Jan 2024

Yes. Everything is dirty and unsanitary so you pick up germs everywhere. Firs time in my life I can remember getting two completely different sicknesses in a week and it happened several times. Hospitals and clinics are bureaucratic and crowded and unsanitary. - May 2023

Yes, the place is filthyyyyyyyyyyy. Indian doctors have knowledge however, no infection control. Do not get treated in India. Very poor standard. - Apr 2023

Health concerns were real here. From food poisoning to dengue to malaria and constant flu and viral infections, this place tests your immune system on many levels. E coli is common to hear about as well. Indians are also very unhealthy and when you are in large crowds it is unavoidable in airports or airplanes or stores to be stuck next to people hacking on you with no respect for personal space, even during a pandemic. Indian food is also very unhealthy so avoid trying to eat too much as it adds up to a lot of unhealthy unnecessary issues. - Apr 2023

Medical care is available, but somewhat lacking. If it were anything serious, I would want to be medevaced. - Apr 2021

Mosquitoes and dengue fever. Medical care is top notch however people may go to Singapore for a more complicated procedure. - May 2019

Tropical diseases such as dengue, zika, malaria. Food poisoning is also a big concern. You will likely be sick at one point when you first come here as you are not use to the local germs. Be sure to carry hand sanitizer with you as bathrooms do not always have soap. - Aug 2018

Dengue, malaria and chikungunya are real threats and members of the consulate community have gotten these diseases. Local medial care is sufficient for minor issues, but you will be medevaced (likely to SIngapore) for anything serious. Local dental care is very affordable; many choose to get braces, veneers, etc. - May 2018

Medical quality is poor. We were medically evacuated for anything substantial. - May 2016

Food illnesses and mosquito-born illnesses are the biggest concerns. Expect to get a lot of vaccinations before arrival. Chennai is the only post in India where Americans don't typically take anti-malarial drugs, however. Dentistry is very good and cheap. A lot of people get braces, Invisalign, and other dental work done because it's so inexpensive. Other medical care varies. If you need surgery, you go to Singapore. - May 2016

World class hospitals exist (Indian doctors are good), as do abysmal ones. Ask around, and you'll be good. - May 2015

Singapore is the medvac place for serious issues. Basic care was ok. - Mar 2015

OK for basic care, but for anything serious people were med evac'd to Singapore. - Oct 2014

Medical care is not great but ok for the basics. For serious issues I would leave India. There are health concerns - Oct 2014

Oh so many, dengue is a serious issue and as mentioned earlier our community was struck hard a few years back. Food poisoning is also a major threat and happens quite often. Malaria is an issue in the rural areas but not so in Chennai. Sanitation is lacking in general, and diseases spread quickly, especially during the rainy season. - Jun 2014

The one major concern is dengue, probably closely followed by food-borne illness. Generally the health care here is good - great dental care and I have seen an opthamologist, but I cannot comment on hospital care. The health unit within our consulate is great. - May 2014

Respiratory issues are common here. The doctors seem competent that I have visited, but the infrastructure is lacking. The lab testing facilities are clean, but the quality of results is questionable. Any significant health concern is taken care of via Medevac to Singapore. All women giving birth go back to DC or Singapore. - Aug 2013

We have had several stomach illness and dengue fever, so health has been our biggest issue here. - Jul 2012

Adequate. - Aug 2011

There is good health care available. There are many health concerns - typical of a developing country, malaria, dengue, girradia, intestial and stomach issues. - Jun 2010

Ok. There are a couple of good major hospitals if needed, and they have wards for foreign patients. - Sep 2009

People usually develop some brand of stomach ailment frequently. India is a medical tourism destination which does work well if you know exactly what is wrong with you. Indian doctors, like Indian mechanics, who don't know what's wrong tend to tinker around until they find out whats wrong. - Aug 2008

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