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What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

Most don't work, but there are plentiful jobs at the Consulate for EFMs. - Jan 2024

Some spouses worked at the consulate in consular or management sections but don't expect it to be the most stimulating or inspiring work or mentoring your spouse will ever have. If work is important to your spouse, consider an embassy or someplace with more experienced section heads. It can be a bit of the blind leading the blind. - Apr 2023

I imagine that working in the local economy would be challenging. There are occasionally EFM jobs at the consulate. - Apr 2021

There are ample jobs available for eligible family members (EFMs) of those serving at the US Consulate, otherwise the American International School would be your best bet. - May 2019

Spouses are typically stay-at-home or do remote work by internet. - Aug 2018

Most EFMs who want to work find jobs at the consulate or telecommute to a previous job in the U.S. There are volunteer options on the local economy, but employment would not be lucrative. - May 2018

No. There is a bilateral work agreement, but don't expect anyone to assist you in leveraging it. - May 2016

There are plenty of expats, they all seem to be employed in one of the many transnational firms. - May 2015

There are, but the salary is pretty low and the paper work takes time. - Mar 2015

It can be and was done but salaries are really low and paperwork can take time. Definitely doable if you really want to but not that common. - Oct 2014

I don't think so. - Oct 2014

No, with the big caveat that if you can work from home and get a good internet connection then maybe. - Jun 2014

Yes. I worked at an NGO for 7 months. If you have skills to offer, you can find a job. However, you must understand that the wages are much lower than U.S. equivalents. - Aug 2013

I hear mixed reports. I have known several lawyers and others, whose services back in the West could have been outsourced, working locally with, well, outsourcers, at Western rates, nearly running the show after a very short time. - Aug 2011

The school again is the place where most expats work. There work agreement laws are different for each country but some spouses were able to work on the local economy. Don't know much else. - Jun 2010

IT, teaching, voluntering are probably the main options. - Sep 2009

Several family members have taken jobs at huge paycuts which means earning 20-25% of what you would make in the U.S. for the same work. It is rather easy, though, to find a job here. - Aug 2008

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