Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Mostly just Americans from the Consulate. A few Australians, a few Europeans. Morale at post varied considerably. Some were legitimately depressed and couldn't wait to leave, others enjoyed the time, some extended. My family was pretty positive about our time in India. - Jan 2024

Morale poor. French, British, Korean and American expats - Apr 2023

It was a large expat community of Indian Americans. The other non-Indian expats were not thrilled to be in Chennai and they would compare to other places in India they had lived. - Apr 2023

There is a very large Korean population in Chennai. Other nationalities seem to be represented on a much smaller scale. - Apr 2021

Small to medium. Most seem very happy here. - May 2019

Small. Despite all the international companies here, there are not a lot of expats. Bangalore seems to have a better expat scene. A lot of car companies here and some consulates. - Aug 2018

Medium-sized, although most other expats live on the other side of town by the American School, so far enough away that we are fairly isolated from them. Morale overall is fair. There are a few people who love Chennai and a few people who hate it; most find it some combination of interesting and frustrating depending on the day. - May 2018

Medium sized, and morale waivers a lot. This is tough place to live. Management and operations staff at U.S. government offices are not the best, which affects morale. - May 2016

Very bad to very good. - May 2015

Mid size, mostly from Japan, France, and Korea. Majority of expats (other than consulate families) live outside the city closer to the school. Morale varied greatly during our two years there - fluctuated from high to relatively low - depending on the time of year/people around. - Oct 2014

Small but close. Most people are ok with the place. - Oct 2014

If people have a connection to India (family or otherwise) or if they are fascinated by Indian culture then typically their morale is good. If people don't have those anchors then generally speaking morale is not so great. This is not an easy country to live in, constant noise pollution, garbage, weather and illness are all a challenge, plus it's far from home and there is not a lot going on here. If you come in with the attitude that it's going to be tough then you might pleasantly surprised. - Jun 2014

It feels like a fairly large and varied expat community - Americans, Australians, Koreans, British, Japanese... Morale? That's a mixed bag. Like anywhere you'll find people who are unhappy and people who are happy. Others who are unhappy but 'making lemonade.' India is so polarising you will find all kinds of attitudes towards life here. - May 2014

Sizable. There are quite a few Consulates and the car companies bring in a lot of expats. - Aug 2013

Growing and friendly. - Jul 2012

Not huge at the Consulate, but there are many expat workers here as well. - Aug 2011

The Expat community is large. THere are consulates from all over the world in Chennai. - Jun 2010

Not sure, but it is growing, and there are quite a few expats. We all tended to go to the same few major hotels and restaurants, so you get acquainted easily. There is a Facebook Group, for starters. Alliance Francais has cultural programs. - Sep 2009

Counting non-resident Indians, the expat community is huge-into the thousands. For people not native to Indian, the community is probably 200-300. - Aug 2008

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