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What English-language religious services are available locally?

All religions are found. - Apr 2023

English is common here and you can attend religious services in English. - Apr 2023

No idea. There are a number of churches and mosques though. - Apr 2021

There are several Catholic churches, etc. - May 2018

Yes. - Mar 2015

I did not check but there are a lot of churches. - Oct 2014

Yes, just about all. - Jun 2014

I know that there are Catholic services in English at several churches, but the Basilica has reasonable hours (aka not 6am). Also, there are English services at the Mormon church. Not sure about others. - Aug 2013

Catholic, mainline Protestant, evangelical Christian. Many Hindu temples and mosques, though I do not know whether they pray in Tamil, Hindi, English, Urdu, or Arabic -- maybe all of the above. I think Jewish folks in the expat community end up organizing their own events at appropriate times of the year. LDS is building something here and is already active in Bangalore. For Pete's sake, the Apostle Thomas is even buried here. - Aug 2011

There are English masses at the Bascillica, Catholic. There are some Christian services available in different neighborhoods. Hindu temples are all over but in the local language or Hindi. - Jun 2010

Yes, I think so. - Sep 2009

Yes, Catholics attend services at the Tomb of St. Thomas-one of only three church built over an apostle of Christ. Protestant churches are also numerous. There is also a Mormon church. - Aug 2008


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