Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

No experience. - Jan 2024

Jio was good. - Apr 2023

Local providers are fine. Do not buy mobile phones there. Iphones are same price in US and you at least get customer care in the US. The non-Iphones are often Chinese companies and who knows what they installed on them. - Apr 2023

Your sponsor will need to get a SIM card for you prior to your arrival. Again...lots of paperwork involved. However, once you are set up, its fast and cheap - about $5 a month. - Apr 2021

Use a local provider. - May 2019

I kept my home phone and plan and use my work phone which has a local number. - Aug 2018

Bring an unlocked phone and get a local pay-as-you go SIM card. The consulate can help you set this up; it's cheap. - May 2018

Bring an unlocked phone. - May 2016

An unlocked phone will work here with a local SIM card. Data is very cheap. You can pre-pay or post-pay for data at kiosks. I use Airtel and it has been pretty reliable all around India. - May 2016

It is a hassle trying to get a cell phone connection here. The amount of paperwork required to get one is enormous. But once you get it, it's cheap and very reliable. - May 2015

Just bring an unlocked phone; the Consulate will help you to get a SIM, and it is inexpensive for unlimited 3G/4G service. - Mar 2015

Bring a cell phone if you can. Even basic phones are pretty expensive on the local market. - Oct 2014

Just watch your bills. The phone works fine but there seems to always be discrepency in the billing. It's hard to get a cell phone as a traveler. - Oct 2014

You can bring an unlocked cell phone with you and buy a local SIM. Phones don't seem to be any cheaper here than in the UK or the U.S. - May 2014

I have an iPhone and got a local SIM to use it here. If you want a cheap phone just for calls and texts, buy something here. Otherwise, buy it in the U.S. Smart phones are extremely expensive on the local market. - Aug 2013

Cheap here. - Aug 2011

Cell phone service is all done by sim cards. They are plentiful and easy to get. - Jun 2010

Get a cute one. - Sep 2009

Quite cheap. Normal usage is around US$5-$15. I'd bring an unlocked one (they can do it here, too) rather than buy one. - Aug 2008

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