Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. Sidewalks are almost nonexistent, as are ramps/elevators. - Jan 2024

Yes, absolutely impossible to navigate this city. - May 2023

No provision for disabled. It is a poor and backward country despite Indians thinking it is fabulous. - Apr 2023

It would be a disaster living in Chennai. The same accessibility issues extend to working at the consulate or living in a residence/apartment. No way. - Apr 2023

Absolutely. - Aug 2021

Yes. It would be extremely challenging to serve here with any sort of mobility issues. - Apr 2021

Yes. - May 2019

Absolutely. There are no sidewalks and few elevators. I do not have a disability and find it challenging sometimes. - Aug 2018

This would not be an appropriate post for someone with mobility issues. - May 2018

If those issues affected mobility, it could be difficult. Sidewalks are uneven and in poor repair. I have impaired arms and had no issues. - May 2016

Yes. Extremely. - May 2016

Don't come. - May 2015

Yes, there are no sidewalks and many uneven surfaces. - Mar 2015

Definitely - no side walks, and lots of uneven surfaces. Even if there is an elevator, there's not a guarantee they will be in working order. - Oct 2014

Someone with a physical disability would find it very difficult to live in this city. - Oct 2014

Yes, people without physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city. Infrastructure is horrendous, no sidewalks, trash everywhere, power outages are common, so when there are elevators you might get stuck! - Jun 2014

Yes. Pavements are generally either non-existent, in very bad shape, dirty, clogged by tea/fruit/vegetables/snack stalls or a combination of all these things. Buildings are mostly older and sometimes hard to access even for people without physical difficulties. - May 2014

This is not a disability friendly city at all. - Aug 2013

Yes, sidewalks are not common and not well kept where they exist. Walkways are not often smooth. - Jul 2012

I expect it would be difficult. While some western cities are putting in sidewalk cut-outs for the disabled, Chennai is not even putting in sidewalks. Period. - Aug 2011

This city is not set up for someone limited to a wheelchair. There are virtually no sidewalks, ramps, and few elevators in most buildings. Even the places where there are sidewalks, they are cracked, broken and uneven making walking difficult. Most people just walk in the street. At least it is level, for the most part. - Jun 2010

It may be difficult to get around because of the poor infrastructure, lack of accessibl buildings, high/crowded side walks or no sidewalks in areas, - Sep 2009

High curbs, sidewalks that end suddenly, narrow streets with houses built right up to the pavement. - Mar 2009

There are no sidewalks but you would have a driver to drive you wherever you needed. - Aug 2008

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