Chennai - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular mental health issues that tend to crop up at post, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter blues)?

Nothing me or my family dealt with. - Jan 2024

Yes, people get depressed here as the city is depressing and ugly and watching people suffer is really hard on the soul every day. - May 2023

It wears you down! In my opinion, it is the worst Foreign Service post in a lengthy career. The differential does not make up for the constant rubbish you will be subjected to every day. - Apr 2023

Mental health issues cropped up due to isolation and trying to keep yourself and your people happy. The lack of a strong community and low morale triggers other mental health issues. Living in India is hard and the infrastructure and poverty will strain your patience and your mental health. The open defecation is real and the constant illness will also test your resilience. Leadership and management are not inexperienced in managing teams during stressful times in high needs posts so in general people feel like they are on their own. Most Americans seemed to hate it there, and from what I can recall, were unhappy to the extent of being miserable. - Apr 2023

Many people find it quite depressing to live in this part of India. - Aug 2021

Random viruses and bacteria that will knock you out for a day or two. - May 2019

Cabin fever and nowhere to go. Be sure to get of town once in awhile; trips to Bangalore, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Dubai particularly if you are here without family. I had one friend based here by his company for a year who was miserable; his wife refused to come and he ended up in a divorce by the time he headed home. - Aug 2018

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