Cairo - Post Report Question and Answers

What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

We've had very mild allergies in the spring, nothing like DC. I've gotten food poisoning 6+ times eating at nice restaurants so be prepared to get sick. - Mar 2023

If you have asthma, Cairo pollution may be an irritant. - Aug 2022

The dust storms and sandstorms and the pollution can make allergies difficult. - Aug 2022

There's so much variety available for food, I think food allergies could be easily managed (although when eating out you would need to be able to communicate well in Arabic to waitstaff). It's a dry climate and I haven't noticed seasonal allergies, however the dust is quite pervasive and can be challenging. - Mar 2022

For food allergies I would make sure you know the information in Arabic so you can be clear when ordering in restaurants. Most restaurants don't have different menu options catering to allergies. If you have breathing issues then I would be careful choosing Cairo. - Dec 2021

Lots of dust year round, but I guess it depends on how severe your environmental allergies are. Bring an EpiPen from the US if you use one, I don't know if they are available locally. The health unit might be able to help you order yours if you have a prescription. - Feb 2021

There's a lot of dust. Probably not a lot of catering to those with food allergies in local restaurants. - Jan 2020

Environmental allergy sufferers will be miserable here. If the constant layer of dust and dirt in the air doesn't bother you the year-round pollen will, or the insane levels of automobile exhaust, or the residue from the nationwide burning of the sugar-cane fields. My eyes are constantly red and I have almost forgotten what it's like to be able to hear normally because my ears are always blocked and congested. Post-nasal drip will be your constant companion. - Jun 2018

Air quality in the winter is terrible, see above. - Sep 2017

If smog is a problem for you, you won't be able to live here.

My hay fever has been loads better in Egypt. - May 2017

People with dust allergies will have difficulty. People with pollen or mold allergies will be in luck since there's not a lot of either of those around due to the dry climate. - Jan 2016

Egypt is dusty, dusty dusty...but there is enough greenery to cause seasonal irritation. - Jan 2016

Bring Claritin, I suppose. The spring brought some allergies but nothing horrid. - Oct 2014


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