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What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

There are several organizations that help refugees living in Egypt. They welcome volunteers for things like teaching English classes, administering English tests, etc. - Aug 2022

Have not explored this personally so not entirely sure. - Aug 2022

Lots of opportunities to volunteer with animal TNR / Foster / Adoption agencies. A couple of refugee organizations offer volunteer opportunities. There seem to be lots of options offered through churches here. - Mar 2022

I heard several people volunteered with an orphanage in Maadi and there are other opportunities, but not sure where. - Dec 2021

Lots of volunteer opportunities are available within the church communities and for the various refugee organizations in and around the city. - Jun 2018

There are a number of NGOs that use volunteers, especially for teaching English, helping with school work and sorting donations. I actually have found it harder to find volunteer work here than when I was in New Delhi where the big expat organizations did a lot of volunteering and had a database. People do find volunteer work here, including through churches. - Jan 2018

I believe that many exist but I'm not aware of any specific person who regularly volunteered. - Sep 2017

Loads. Animals, children, refugees, poverty, fair trade. - May 2017

Lots; mostly with refugees, orphans, or stray animals - Jan 2016

Lots of orphanages, schools in need of volunteers. - Jan 2016

Plenty! Orphanages, animal shelters, hospitals, schools.... - Oct 2014

There seem to be a lot. I do not have time but if you do then there are opportunities. - Aug 2014

Lots. There are organizations that list all the opportunities, like CSA. - Aug 2014

Plenty! Plenty! Syrian and African refugee groups. The USG Niler just listed a bazillion opportunities. With animals, people, environment - all kinds if you seek them out. - May 2014

Work through churches or NGOs. I don't know if this is still possible with security restrictions. - Apr 2014

Where do you feel safe venturing?! - Mar 2014

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