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Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

Excellent preschools and many options! Our son is in a half-day French preschool for $350 a month! I know others who use in-home preschools or there is a German-run preschool in the suburbs people really like. Plenty of options for English or other languages. Nannies are abundant and very affordable and we've had a wonderful experience with our Egyptian nanny. - Aug 2022

Day cares and preschools are available, and schools have lots of after school activities, but I do not have details. - Mar 2022

I heard there are several choices for preschools. Several friends of mine worked at two different ones and they loved their workplaces and the kids seemed to love it too. - Dec 2021

Lots of preschools available in almost every neighborhood. No personal experience. - Feb 2021

Our daughter is in pre-school and we love it. It's an expensive one in terms of local cost but still costs us less than $300 per month for her tuition. She's in "school" from 9-2:30 daily and the structure and having all the other kids around have been great for her. The school does provide after care until 4 p.m. for an additional fee. - Jun 2018

Preschools are widely available. My experience is in Maadi. There are a number of schools with foreign kids. Most are all day programs--in the 8-4 or 9-3 range--and 5 days a week. Some provided extended day care. Baby Academy is probably cheapest at about $200 a month for all day. It serves kids ages 6 months to 4. It is mostly Egyptian kids with some foreigners. It does not do summer or winter break. Other schools include Small Talk, Small World (both about $350-400/month with I think parttime options) and Kompass (Montessori and highly regarded but about $8000 a year). CAC has a preschool and is about $10000 a year. - Jan 2018

Yes. We had experience with two different preschools there. The cost was not bad (coming from a Washington DC perspective). We did not like Small Talk (crowded, chaotic classrooms with poor integration of multiple special needs kids) but loved Kompass, a Montessori school with great teachers, great outdoor space, everything very carefully thought out and well-planned, and even excellent lunch served. - Jan 2016

There are lots of preschools, we did not have experience with them. - Jan 2016

Yes. Many families use nearby preschools. One I hear of often is the Irish Nursery. - Oct 2014

Yes, but we have not used any preschools here. - Aug 2014

Yes, many, though the walk to some is fraught with flashers and muggers. - Mar 2014

Many families with young children hire nannys to help with daycare. Most nannys are Filipina. Day care is rather inexpensive. - Jun 2013

It seems it is available. My kids are older. - May 2013

Preschools are available. - May 2013

Preschool and daycare are both available, but again, with no children I cannot comment extensively on them. - Feb 2013

There are a number of local preschools and daycares to choose from, although we have no direct experience with them. - Mar 2013

Lots of "nurseries" available from birth age, although varying quality. Most popular ones in Maadi used by expats were Small Talk, Small World and Irish Nursery. All run by expats but with some local teachers. Expensive, but often the only social/outdoor play options available in the city. - Sep 2011

There are a lot of good pre-schools. Some of the more popular in the Maadi area are: Small Talk, Small World, The Irish Nursery. My child went to Small World and really enjoyed it. He was more than ready for Kindergarten when he started, and he thought it was fun while he was there. - Jul 2011

Their are lots of daycares available. Many are located in Maadi. - Jun 2011

There are many wonderful preschools, and domestic help is cheap. - Jun 2010

There are a number of preschools in Maadi, but not having kids, I don't know much about them. - Dec 2009

Small Talk and Small World are good. - May 2008

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