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What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Talabat is the Egyptian equivalent of UberEats/GrubHub. Delivery is very cheap. You can get good wood-fired pizza, Korean, Chinese, and Middle Eastern. Indian food is just ok. There are many cafes that are subpar; it can be hard to find truly delicious restaurants here. - Mar 2023

You can use Talabat, the local equivalent of Uber Eats, to order a variety of food (sushi, Indian, burgers, whatever) for a delivery fee of up to $1.50. - Aug 2022

Lots of good food delivery services, the most prominent is Talabat and is very cheap to have food from restaurants delivered. - Aug 2022

Food delivery through apps is very common and very affordable. Cairo is a large city and you can find any type of food you are craving, including many Western chains. However, these restaurants do cater towards Egyptian clientele and you will find most of the Asian / African / European food is made quite bland. Egyptian food is delicious but heavy. We cook a lot because you can find great ingredients. Our favorite restaurants are Korean, Lebanese, and Yemeni. - Mar 2022

There is food from everywhere in the world, not always great, but there are hidden gems. Latino/Mexican food seems to be the hardest to find good stuff but found a couple awesome places in Gouna. You can order everything through a delivery app and at all hours of the night and day, Otlob. - Dec 2021

So many. Try it all. Lebanese food is very popular here and delicious. Other restaurants can be good, especially the longer you live here it becomes more delicious. When you return from R&R, you will realize the burgers just aren't as tasty as you thought....til time passes and you're desperate for a burger you didn't cook! Lots of good options and most restaurants deliver. There is Talabat/Otlob for delivery and if the restaurant doesn't participate with that service, they will usually deliver on their own. - Feb 2021

There are a plethora of options here using talabat, the replacement for Otlob. There are plenty of culturally diverse food options, but the consistency and quality is not always there. - Nov 2020

Otlob and Uber eats provide delivery service for almost every restaurant. It's quite easy to get what you want, when you want it, at a cost cheaper than you would pay domestically. However quality and consistency of food is hit and miss. There's "good food" and then there's "Cairo good". Still, you'll find a few gems that you'll go back to time and time again. - Jan 2020

We have a regular rotation of passable Thai, great Indian, great Lebanese, and middling "American". Food delivery is super super cheap. Zamalek has tons of restaurants in walking distance from where we live including high-end Italian, delicious burgers, sushi, coffee, etc. - Jun 2018

Delivery is cheap and popular! There is an app called Otlob that has menus for a ton of restaurants and you can order through the app. Delivery takes 45-75 min depending on the restaurant. There are many local restaurants with a wide range of foods. You can find almost any type of food. - Jan 2018

Otlob is probably the most prevalent app used to order takeout food. Delivery times vary but nearly every restaurant in Zamalek offers delivery. You can even get a cup of coffee delivered. - Sep 2017 has a great app to order delivery food - in English - from a variety of Cairo restaurants. The international food scene is remarkably limited, but there are still options. There is also the full range of international (American) fast food, from Hardee's to Papa John's. - May 2017

Anything and everything is available and can be delivered 24/7. - May 2017

This is a highlight. The food is super cheap (there was a place that sold really good falafel sandwiches for about 28 cents each) and very good; it's similar to Lebanese cuisine. It's a great place for vegetarians. Mint lemonade and sweetened hibiscus tea are terrific and are ubiquitous. We ate out frequently and never got sick. For a big cosmopolitan city, other ethnicities of food are a bit limited (there is no Vietnamese place for example), but you will find great French, Italian, Korean, and Thai places. Seafood is rarely good in Cairo. - Jan 2016

Plenty of western fast food. Restaurants are decent and affordable, but it's not a foodie city. - Jan 2016

Everything (KFC, McDonald's, Papa Johns) everything is available for delivery, including cupcakes and groceries - Jan 2016

Oh, my! There is great food here. I just had Thai food for lunch. You can have cheap, authentic Egyptian food for US$1.50, or the normal fast food American fare for the same price in the U.S. There is McDonald's, Hardee's, Auntie Anne's, KFC, Subway, Papa John's, Chile's, Friday's, Domino's, Pizza Hut, the list goes on and on. - Oct 2014

There are a lot of American fast food restaurants like McDonald's and Pizza Hut. Of course there are some excellent Egyptian restaurants nearby. Everything is within walking distance or delivery since everyone delivers here. The prices are better than the States and the delivery fee is less than US$1. - Aug 2014

Anything and everything including home delivery. Many restaurants, although no alcohol served. - Aug 2014

McD, and ?? Oh, pizza places. Decent restaurants - there are a number of good Italian places, Gaya - Korean place that sells fresh tofu on the size (for 25% of what the commissary charges), cafes, sweets, Indian, Asian food, American burgers, excellent gelato, etc. - May 2014

Fast food is everywhere.There is a wide variety of nice restaurants but expect to pay Western prices. - Apr 2014

Everything. Egyptian fast food is the best, koshary is a rice and pasta mixed dish, and we feed a family of four (with desserts) for five dollars. I have no idea what American fast food costs, but McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, and lots more are all here. - Jul 2013

Everything. Not just McDonald's, but Cinnabon and Fudrucker's -- but they charge close to U.S. prices. - Jul 2013

Some of the international standards, but prices are very high. - Jun 2013

Everything imaginable can be found here. Costs are about equivalent to the U.S. - Jun 2013

Fast food is everywhere. Restaurants are plentiful. Most are fair -- not too many really great places. They range from cheap to moderate. A family of four can eat out for less than 40 USD at an average restaurant -- even less if you eat "local." Anything can be delivered, but going out is generally nice. - May 2013

Almost all, but quality is much poorer than American standards. Cost range is similar to US Prices, and is used by most of us to have food delivered. - May 2013

There are decent, fairly inexpensive restaurants all over Maadi. I don't do fast food, but I have noticed McD, KFC, BK, and every other chain. around. - May 2013

Pretty much every fast-food joint you can think of is in Cairo, and they all deliver. The cost for Egyptian fast-food is minimal (not even a dollar for a large helping of Koshari, an Egyptian favorite), and the cost for western chains is reasonable, particularly as the Egyptian pound weakens against the dollar. - Feb 2013

Restaurant quality is rather uneven. Some are very good, many are not so good. Almost all fast-food chains are here, but the products don't taste much like what you find in the West. Prices in large measure depend on the targeted customer base. Restaurants that target Westerners charge prices Westerners would usually expect to pay. - Feb 2013

Most major brands in the US are here, and they deliver for a small fee. Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, McD's, BK, TGIF, Applebee's, Hardee's, Auntie Ann's, Baskins Robins, Fuddrucker's, Starbucks, etc. Prices and quality are lower than in the USA. - Mar 2013

There are several good restaurants in Maadi (Thai, Lucille's, Korean BBQ, Sushi, etc.) and some high-end establishments in Zamalek (downtown), Sequoia, La Bodega, etc.). And when it's unsafe to go outside, keeps us fed! - Mar 2013

You can find the American standards, but don't expect the quality to be the same. Cost is comparable to in the US, in a major city. - Feb 2013

Every fast food chain is here and they all deliver. - Jan 2013

McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Hardee's, KFC, Papa John's, Domino's, Subway. Be aware that food from these places will not taste the same as in the US, and there will be no real bacon! The costs are very reasonable, and EVERYTHING in Cairo can be delivered! Grocery stores, pharmacies (you don't even need prescriptions here and the pharmacist acts as a doctor), fast food, even greenhouses. - Nov 2012

McDonalds, KFC, Baskin Robbins, Chili's. Food is varying quality. Cheaper than in the US. - Sep 2011

Tons. They range from incredibly cheap to very expensive. A full meal at El Tabei El Damyati (an Egyptian fast food place) can run under a dollar, while gorging yourself down the street at Mori Sushi will cost you about $50. - Aug 2011

Everything you could want. - Aug 2011

There are a lot of restaurants. There are good Italian and some Asian restaurants. It's harder to find good Indian food. There are a lot of restaurant chains: Fridays, Chilis, McDonalds, KFC, Applebees. Too many to name. The prices are usually reasonable. The chains are about the same prices as in the US. There are some very expensive hotel restaurants, and some very reasonable restaurants. You will find plenty for every budget. - Jul 2011

Auntie Anne's, MacDonalds, Subway, Hardee's, KFC, Domino's, Papa John's. You name it, and everything delivers right to your door! Some products cost less than in the states. Restaurants are available everywhere, you just have to find one. The embassy issues a great guide. - Jun 2011

Most all the fast-food chains you know and love are in Cairo, and they will deliver. You can even order your dinner online through otlob dot com. A standard McDonald's meal starts at around three dollars. - Sep 2010

Anything and everything. Mild to Wild. - Jun 2010

Almost all American fast-food joints are available here. There are plenty of restaurants ranging from Egyptian street food ($1-$2 for a meal) to very pricey, high-end restaurants that have food at the same prices you would pay in the US for an expensive meal. Almost all cuisines are available here. - Dec 2009

All of them - I've never seen so many U.S. chains overseas - we even have TGIF, Fuddruckers and Arby's! - May 2008

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