Cairo - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Hot with fairly chilly winters. - Mar 2023

Hot, hot, hot. - Aug 2022

Hot in July/August. Moderate in fall/spring. Can get to 40s and 50s (F) in winter. It NEVER rains. - Aug 2022

I was surprised to find there are four distinct seasons. Hottest months are July and August and you definitely do not want to be outside in the sun for too long making site-seeing during those months difficult (daytime temperatures were between 100 - 110 degrees Fahrenheit). Coldest months are December - February and you will use your heat, boots, and sweaters (temperatures range between 40 - 60 degrees Fahrenheit). It's usually very dry, with rain only a few times per year, however this past year has seen a lot of rainy days and even snow in Alexandria. - Mar 2022

Extremely hot from June-September; milder October-December and mid-March through May; mild/chilly January-mid March. I say chilly for Cairo but doesn't usually get below freezing. Even though it snowed in Alexandria December 2021. Egyptians head to the Mediterranean during the hot months and to Luxor/Aswan and Sinai for the winter. - Dec 2021

It's a little cooler in the winter, maybe the 60s, other than that it's usually hot. Hottest is the summer. Bring sunglasses and sunblock for sure. We do not get a lot of rain. Just a few light showers occasionally and it's a big deal when it happens. - Feb 2021

It's Cairo! Think Pyramids, sand, take a guess! Hint: you won't need an umbrella, but a winter coat may be justified. - Nov 2020

It's a desert. Cairo is hot. Winters can get pretty chilly though. - Jan 2020

hot in the summer, cool in the winter, comfortable in spring/fall. - Jun 2018

3/4 of the year is very hot. Mostly dry heat though. Winter gets chillier with lows in the upper 40s, but afternoons warm up to the 60s. Very little rain--just a few sprinkles here and there especially in November. - Jan 2018

October - April = very mild days and chilly evenings. May - September = hot to oppressively hot. Summers here can be terrible, but at least it's not normally very humid. I hear the Gulf States are much worse for weather due to the heat and humidity. - Sep 2017

Cairo is the desert. The Nile adds some humidity at times, but it's basically hot and dry all the time. - May 2017

Mostly hot. Little rain. Can be cooler in winter. Lovely in spring and autumn. - May 2017

Amazing. It only rains a few days a year, and when it does, it's only for a few minutes and is a big exciting event. There are a few other cloudy days but it's almost always sunny. Two months of too hot/humid in July/August, nice weather September-November, a little cold December-February (I even wore a winter coat a few times, but you can still sit outside at a restaurant), nice again when there are no dust storms March-June. - Jan 2016

Very hot in the summer. Nice in the fall and spring. Relatively cold in the winter. Mostly dry all year. - Jan 2016

The summer is hot and more humid than I thought it would be, there is a cold snap during Dec.- Feb. which is very nice and comfortable. - Jan 2016

I have seen it rain only once or twice. It's mostly hot and dry in the summer, warm in the spring and fall, and even chilly in the winter. We definitely wear long sleeves and jackets in the winter. - Oct 2014

Cool in winter (jacket, long sleeves, pants) and hot in summer. Very little rainfall and just the right amount of humidity. Last year it snowed for the first time in 100 years! - Aug 2014

Summer is ungodly hot and humid with little cloud cover. Winter is nice and it actually gets very cool. Very little rain, few cloudy days... - Aug 2014

October is pleasant, cools down to 40s and 50s F at night, then warms up by March, April, and hot in June-July-August - really hot! - May 2014

Nice for most of the year. Hot (but not humid) in summer. - Apr 2014

Dry heat is not bad, but the air quality is terrible. - Mar 2014

Pretty great! Spring, fall and winter are beautiful, summer is hot hot hot, but no hotter than D.C and without the humidity. It never rains. - Jul 2013

Hot in the summer, pleasant in the winter. Not a lot of humidity, but more than you would expect if you think you are moving to the Sahara. - Jul 2013

Not too bad, but it can get insufferably hot in the summer time. - Jun 2013

Cairo has great weather, with four distinct seasons. Cool winters, warm springs and falls. A few of the summer months can be hot - and that's a great time to escape to the beaches or head north to Europe. But even in the summer, it cools down at night and you can dine outside every evening. It rarely rains, but, because of the Nile, it is more humid than one would expect in a desert country. - Jun 2013

Cool and pleasant in the winter, very hot May thru October, some winds in the springtime may create sand storms of a sort. - May 2013

The climate is pleasant in the spring/fall, a bit chilly in winter, and hot as hell in the summer. It hardly ever rains. - May 2013

The weather is lovely, always sunny and clear. It rains once or twice a year. Hot summer, warm winter. - May 2013

The climate is nice: low to no humidity except for a few weeks during the summer. It is hot during the summer, but the evenings cool down nicely. Frankly, summer here is better than it is in most US southern and east coast states. Winter is cool, but most Embassy housing now has heaters for those who get cold easily. - Feb 2013

Hot in the summer but surprisingly cool in the winter. Not cold, mind you, but there are mornings where you want a jacket. - Feb 2013

Unhealthy. It would be wise to invest in some good air purifiers. Also, invest in good sunglasses for the entire family. The sand and polution in the air affects your lungs and eyes. - Mar 2013

Desert. - Mar 2013

Extremely hot in the summer, but surprisingly cold in the winter. - Feb 2013

Warm--up to 100 F in the summer and cool in the winters. No rain ever. - Jan 2013

It is a dry climate (just next to the Sahara Desert). When we arrived in August, it was approximately 110 degrees F during the day, and we had lows near 85 degrees F at night. Currently the daily highs are about 75 degrees F and lows are in the 50 degree F range. We have not had rain (with the exception of about 12 drops of precipitation one day) for the entire time we've been in country (4 months). Mostly it is sunny or hazy (because of the pollution). Some days this month have been partly cloudy. It's a great place to have a balcony! - Nov 2012

A few weeks of very hot in the summer (July-Aug), down to 50 degrees F in the winter (Dec-Jan).Need a light jacket in the winter, but can generally wear T shirts year round. - Sep 2011

Hot and dry, though not usually unpleasant. It rains a few times in January and February. Dusty year-round - Aug 2011

Hot in the summer and warm in the winter. Higher humidity that one might expect. - Aug 2011

It's dry and hot in the summer, and dry and warm the rest of the time. It gets to be about 50 fahrenheit in the winter in the evening, but you never really need more than a jacket or sweatshirt. If you're wearing a suit, the jacket will be enough. If you are outside the city in the desert, it can get cold at night. It only rains two or three times a year. - Jul 2011

Climate is hot most of the time. Dry and not very humid, very little cold periods. And it never rains, if it does it's a drizzle and it brings down all the pollution. - Jun 2011

Except for a few days in the winter, it's sunny all the time. The summer can be hot, but there is usually very little humidity. - Sep 2010

March - October: very hot. Novemebr - Feb: nice. - Jun 2010

It rarely rains in Cairo, and when it does, it sprinkles for about 2 minutes maximum. Every day is sunny and dry, and temperatures can reach 100 degrees in the summer and go down to the 40s and 50s on winter evenings. - Dec 2009

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