Cairo - Post Report Question and Answers

Was this post your first expatriate experience? If not, what other cities have you lived in as an expat?

2 prior overseas postings, one in EUR and one elsewhere in NEA - Aug 2022

No. I have served overseas for the State Department in three prior tours, plus lived abroad before the Foreign Service. - Aug 2022

No, previously lived in the Middle East and Africa. - Mar 2022

Yes, first time living overseas. - Dec 2021

No, this is our fourth post. We've also lived in Niger, Kyrgyzstan, and Germany. - Feb 2021

Yes, Cairo was my first expatriate experience, so I don't have any points of comparison. - Nov 2020

Cairo was my first expat experience. - Jan 2020

No. I've lived in Brazil and Morocco (as a student) and in Mexico and Qatar as a professional. - Jun 2018

No, I have also lived in New Delhi and the Pacific Islands. - Jan 2018

No, I previously did tours in the Caribbean and Europe. - Sep 2017

I have previously lived in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. - May 2017

Yes, this was my first. - May 2017

No. Several other postings worldwide. This was my first in the Arab world, though. - Jan 2016

Numerous expat experiences - Jan 2016

Second expat experience - Jan 2016

No. France, Japan, Bolivia, Zambia. - Oct 2014

Yes. - Aug 2014

No, previous African posts. - Aug 2014

This is my first post with US Government. Other expat living: Uzbekistan (3), Armenia (2), Jakarta (4.5), Guatemala City (1), and growing up overseas. - May 2014

2nd expat experience. - Apr 2014

5th post. - Mar 2014

Yes it was and I think this is why we loved it so much! We haven't yet seen what we could have been missing in another country! - Jul 2013

No, this was my fourth expat experience. - Jul 2013

No. Lots of other experiences. I have been posted to Tokyo, Chengdu, Mogadishu, Ndjamena, La Paz, Toronto, Beirut, Chisinau, etc. - Jun 2013

No, this is my 6th expat experience. I've also lived in South America, Asia and Europe. - Jun 2013

This is my first expat experience. - May 2013

Fourth expat experience. Also lived in Tunis, Tegucigalpa, and Buenos Aires. - May 2013

No. Yemen (villages), Sudan (villages), Addis Ababa - Sep 2011

New Delhi - Aug 2011

- Aug 2011

Frankfurt, Edinburgh - Aug 2011

No. I live in Cairo before as well as San Salvador and Caracas - Jul 2011

This is our first overseas post as a family. My father and mother have traveled overseas before. - Jun 2011

I lived before in Erlangen, Germany, and Abu Dhaib, UAE. - Sep 2010

no. Dakar, Senegal - Jun 2010

No. I have also lived in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Tel Aviv, Israel. - Dec 2009

No, I've also lived in Asuncion and Jerusalem. - May 2008

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