Cairo - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

Absolutely. - Jan 2016

Things are not super expensive and prices are negotiable....yes - Jan 2016

Yes, but we are a family of 5 so we don't save a lot. - Oct 2014

Yes. - Aug 2014

Yes, especially with travel restrictions. - Aug 2014

Yes. Sstuff isn't that expensive, as long as you don't fly everywhere - in-country and/or to Europe. - May 2014

Yes. - Apr 2014

Not really. - Mar 2014

Sure you can, but if you want to eat at American-style restaurants every night and drink beer in an Egyptian 'made for expats' bar -- then you will probably spend every last penny. - Jul 2013

Yes, if you focus on living off the economy. - Jul 2013

Yes. - Jun 2013

Definitely. Things are very cheap here. - Jun 2013

Yes! - May 2013

Sure. - May 2013

Absolutely! (Unless you travel as much as I did.) - May 2013

Most definitely - particularly as the Egyptian pound continues to weaken against pretty much every other currency out there. - Feb 2013

Yes. The pound is plummeting here against other foreign currencies, and I frankly don't find all that much to blow money on here except travel and furniture. - Feb 2013

No, because you spend it on vacation to leave this place. - Mar 2013

In the short term, though you'll spend it on flights out of Cairo or payments to your mental healthcare provider. - Mar 2013

Sure, if you live in dump and eat rice and bread. - Feb 2013

Yes, but you need to leave Cairo and Egypt regularly, so travel can get expensive although Egyptair is pretty good. - Jan 2013

Sure - if you eat at home! - Nov 2012

Yes. - Sep 2011

Not really - Aug 2011

yes - Aug 2011

Yes, if you don't buy too many imported things. - Jul 2011

You should definitely be able to save money in Cairo. Most of the local population lives off of about 200 U.S. dollars per month, so services are always cheap for westerners. - Sep 2010

Yes. We survive on one paycheck and are able to put the other one in savings. - Jun 2010

Yes - items on the local market are very cheap, and it's possible to attend local events and have a lot of fun for about $5. - Dec 2009

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