Cairo - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Shorts & crop tops. - Mar 2023

Mini-skirts - Aug 2022

Heavy winter coats. - Aug 2022

Expectations that Cairo will be like other NEA posts - Mar 2022

Winter coats, but bring a sweater for chilly nights in the winter months. - Dec 2021

Umbrella and fancy car. - Feb 2021

Raincoat and skis. - Nov 2020

Umbrella. - Jan 2020

Shorts and tank tops. - Jun 2018

Heavy winter coats, tank tops. - Jan 2018

Sense of personal space, nice car, healthy lungs. - Sep 2017

Winter clothes. - May 2017

Snow boots. - May 2017

Umbrella - Jan 2016

Impatience, need for paved roads and lane markers, tank tops and hot pants, umbrella and rain boots - Jan 2016

Heavy winter clothing unless you plan to travel to Europe for winter. - Oct 2014

Winter clothes, but long sleeves and lighter jacket for winter months is sufficient. - Aug 2014

High expectations, need for consistent electricity, short skirts and tank tops, bicycle, flashy jewels and taste for alcohol... - Aug 2014

nice shoes - we walk everywhere b/c its so nice to move outside - so bring walking shoes. - May 2014

Luxury car, nice shoes, sense of safety/security. - Apr 2014

Your enthusiasm for this great culture; they will beat you down at every turn. Truthfully, Egyptians don't want us here. - Mar 2014

Short skirts and tank tops -- and your need to be respected as a woman. - Jul 2013

umbrella. It only rained twice in 2 years, and then it just spit. - Jul 2013

sense of security. - Jun 2013

Impatience. - Jun 2013

umbrella and rain coat. - May 2013

Hopes and dreams of a good tour, and your idea that you will be liked or accepted by the locals. Also, any feelings of safety. - May 2013

nice car and any revealing clothing. - May 2013

tank tops, short shorts, and plunging necklines. - Feb 2013

romanticized ideas about what Egypt is like. Even Arabs who visit here for the first time are shocked, particularly now, at the filth, deteriorating infrastructure, and significantly degraded security environment. - Feb 2013

High expectations. - Mar 2013

Optimism. - Mar 2013

sense of security. - Feb 2013

obsession with being clean; - Jan 2013

short dresses and slinky tops - or slinky clothes of any kind! Also, no winter gear is needed. Bikes for small children are iffy - teens and adults use them. Leave behind your ideas that the streets will be clean and the place will smell fresh. Also leave behind ideas that rules will be enforced . But, overall, people are kind. You can also leave behind your worries about stationary and framing needs - - - shops for those are everywhere! - Nov 2012

Umbrella - Sep 2011

parka - Aug 2011

Winter clothes, bicycle (unless you are a child or willing to drive your bike out to the desert to ride), expectations about traffic/promptness, short shorts or other revealing clothes. - Jul 2011

Heavy coat, gloves, umbrella (except for the sun). - Jun 2011

Bicycle. There is a cycling group that rides together every Friday morning, but there most of the sights along the way are eyesores. The crazy drivers make it too dangerous to ride your bike outside of Friday mornings. - Sep 2010

western attitide. I find they generally dont like Americans. - Jun 2010

Tank tops and short-shorts, and sense of personal space (Cairo is a city of 20 million people). - Dec 2009

Bikes - we went back and forth on this, but the roads in Maadi are just terrible, and there are no good options for tracks that kids can ride around on. - May 2008

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